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How Reliable Are Chinese Made Electric Bicycles?

what are the cheapest electric bikes?

From hoverboards, go karts, electric scooters, segways, and electric bicycles, electric powered vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. As electric bikes have seen a big increase in sales worldwide, more and more people are asking themselves: are e-bikes from China worth it? The reason why this question gets posed could be a number of things. It […]

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With An Electric Moped

Smoke Fumes E Rider

Do Electric Mopeds Reduce Car Pollution? If there’s one thing that’s been at the forefront of recent news, it’s our ever-increasingly polluted environment. Every which way we look, our air is becoming thicker and more laden with pollutants than ever before, our seas are filling with plastics and landfills are becoming fuller by the day. […]

Electric Motorbikes vs. Petrol Motorbikes

Side View Of White Electric Moped

Why Electric Mopeds Are The Best We all know the benefits that come with electric cars and vans. They’re ‘green’, cheap to run and their increasing credibility is making them more and more popular for everyday use. The question today however – what about electric motorcycles? Although their popularity is increasing, we don’t see them […]

Electric Mopeds For Adults UK – The Ultimate Guide

Side View Of Black Electric Moped

Electric mopeds have been around for many years now but despite their continued presence and ever-growing popularity, there’s still a lot of confusion. The confusion we’re talking about surrounds the legal side of things. While the roads may not necessarily be littered with electric scooters (yet), there are still enough on the road without the […]

A Brief History Of Electric Mopeds & Electric Vehicles

Here at E Rider, we stock a range of electric mopeds and scooters. Electric vehicles such as this haven’t just become something we sell, but our passion. So much so that we’ve not only gained an immense amount of knowledge and expertise around the vehicles we sell, but we have learnt an incredible amount regarding […]