Electric Delivery Scooters & Electric Cargo Bikes

From helping with carrying the weekly shop to delivering goods from your company, cargo & delivery scooters make living life a whole lot easier. Throw in an electric motor and not only have you found a fantastic way of carrying your favourite burden with ease, but you’ll do so without the worry of emissions or those dreaded hills.

The manufacture of quality electric motors has been a huge game changer for the delivery scooter & cargo bike, offering benefits that go beyond what you’d see on regular electric bikes. Here’s a basic run down of the benefits of electric cargo bikes but be warned, by the end of it you may find yourself looking to ditch your current fleet of delivery bikes in favour of our amazing model

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Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes & Electric Delivery Scooters

Low Maintenance Costs – Unlike regular cargo bikes with your average petrol powered motor, you’ll find electric cargo bikes need very little maintenance. With the absence of a regular engine, comes the absence of things such as oil changes, tax and more. You’ll also find much lower running costs with the ability to electrically charge your bike as opposed to filling it with petrol. Much lower running costs could be seen across an entire fleet of delivery bikes, amounting to £100’s every single year.

Faster Deliveries – By using electric bikes as opposed to bicycles or cars, you’ll find you’re able to achieve faster deliveries. You can make deliveries at more convenient times, avoiding the traffic by using bike lanes as well as filter regular traffic, something you wouldn’t be able to do in a car. Use a regular bicycle? Then you’ll find you’re able to achieve speeds that you otherwise wouldn’t, with ease while still being able to boast ‘zero emissions’.

Great PR – With our Model 50 electric cargo bike, we’ll even take care of the vehicle livery for you. Having your company’s brand displayed on a modern, environmentally friendly bike will show your business is responsive to the current environmental concerns. This would give your company an incredible competitive edge.

The Model 50

Our awesome Model 50 Cargo Electric Motorbike is not only practical but also advanced in terms of the features it offers. From a top speed of 50mph to a range of 80 miles and incredible regenerative braking, the Model 50 doesn’t disappoint. The integrated back box makes it an excellent choice as a delivery scooter and at just £100 per month to lease; it’s affordable too.

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