Electric Bike Accessories From E-Rider

Here at E-Rider, we like to have all bases covered. Whether it’s electric bikes, electric mopeds, our leasing options or even our test rides. Electric bike accessories are no exception. While our electric bikes, mopeds and motorbikes are super low maintenance, it’s still important to ensure they’re road worthy.

This is for your safety and of course the safety of other road users. It’s also important to ensure the enjoyment you have with your electric bike isn’t hindered in any way, shape or form thanks to something easily rectified like a flat tyre. Let’s face it, having the odd spare part tucked away just makes good sense.

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View Our Selction Of Electric Bike Accesories

We offer a range of bike accessories, starting with the “Fully Road Legal” backplate, along with a selection of chargers. Our chargers range in voltage so if you’re not sure which one you’ll need, simply check out the information on each product page.

If you’re still unsure however, simply call our office and we’ll be able to advise you easily over the phone. We also stock a selection of inner tubes so no matter which model you decide to purchase, we have the perfect fit. Ranging in size from 16” all the way through to 22”, here at E-Rider, we have you covered to ensure you’re always on the road.

Electric Bikes Accessories – All Under One Roof

As we supply electric bikes, electric mopeds and electric motorbikes, it’s only natural that we’d also supply a range of batteries too. From our 36 volt Lithium battery, all the way up to the super powerful 72 volt Lithium battery. Once again, we know only too well that it can be a little daunting deciding which one you need which is why we put as much information as possible online.

Once again however, if you’re still unsure, call or email us here at E-Rider and we’ll be only too happy to help advise. Last but not least, we have a selection of tyres, from 16” to 18” and 22”. Our tyres are all brand new and offer excellent tread for super grip on the roads.

We do our best to ensure we’re your one stop shop, however if there’s an accessory you don’t see that you’d like, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If we aren’t able to source it for you, we’ll certainly be able to point you in the direction of a trusted supplier.