An electric moped can be an incredible asset to anyone, business or domestic. Whether you’re looking for a bike for your commute or for your delivery business, there are several benefits to be had when you hire or lease a bike instead of buying one outright.

The Benefits Of Leasing Over Buying

There are so many benefits in fact that more and more people are choosing to lease rather than buy, so much so it’s fast becoming the most popular choice to date.

Here at E Rider, we offer a lease option with all of our bikes and having done so for a number of years, we know only too well the benefits that can be had when choosing to lease or hire. So what are these benefits?

The Benefits Of Leasing Over Buying

1. Economical

Cost is the biggest factors or any purchase. Whether you’re looking at the initial outlay or the monthly costs, it’s always a factor. With the E Rider leasing scheme however, our lease options start from just £50 per month.

That’s considerably less than most people realise. This is one of the biggest factors for commuters who find themselves spending £100’s per month on train tickets. Instead they find they’re spending a quarter of that, including our super economical leasing prices.

2. Repairs & Maintenance Included

What could be worse than having saved for months to buy a moped, only to have it breakdown leaving you without a bike as well as some pretty hefty repair bills? With a leased bike from E Rider however, you can enjoy all of the repairs and maintenance included in your lease option.

That means should something go wrong, we’ll have it repaired and back to you without that hefty bill.

3. Much Smaller Payment

One of the biggest reasons many find themselves without an electric moped is simply down to that lump sum. How many times have you managed to save almost enough to make the purchase, only to have something happen such as your washing machine break down, leaving you with a bill to repair and your moped fund depleted once more?

Now instead of a large lump sum, all you need to do is pay an initial deposit fee followed by monthly payments starting from just £50. That’s much more attainable.

4. Great For Delivery Drivers

From pizza shops to large delivery companies, paying for a fleet of mopeds can be incredibly expensive. Choosing a lease option however, is far more affordable. With repairs and maintenance included too, this plan offers security for a business.

5. Always Enjoy A New Model

Had enough of your bike now your payments have come to an end? Then why not sell your current bike, which you now own outright and start a new lease agreement with a brand new bike? It’s just as affordable as it ever was and you get a brand new electric bike to enjoy all over again.

6. Avoid MOT’s

With a lease option, you get to enjoy a brand new bike which means you don’t need to worry about MOT’s for at least 3 years. Want to avoid them at all costs?

Then simply start a new lease agreement with a brand new bike and ensure the vehicle you’re riding is always under three years old.

For more information on our electric bike lease options, simply contact us today on 01928 583030.


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