The Ultra Low Emission Zone, otherwise known as the ULEZ is currently being introduced to London. While it may have already arrived within the current congestion charge zone, there will be an expansion of the zone coming in 2021.

The expansion will see the current Ultra Low Emission Zone moving out to the North and South circular. The question asked by many, is just why it’s being brought in? The reason for the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone is to help improve the quality of the air in central London.

The idea is that it encourages those who enter the zone to use low emission vehicles as these are the ones, which escape the charges currently enforced. Transport For London (TFL) have explicitly said that the charges are simply there to encourage drivers and bike users to adopt low emission vehicles as soon as possible.

The current Ultra Low Emission Zone was brought into place in April 2019. As soon as it went live, it did so for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This made it impossible to avoid and has since reduced the amount of emission emitting vehicles entering the zone.

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Does My Bike Comply?

The question currently asked by many however, is whether their vehicle complies with the Ultra Low Emission Zone. Many assume that riding a bike means they comply however, this isn’t the case. There are a number of bikes which don’t comply with the Euro 3 emission standards and as a result, will have to pay a charge. All electric mopeds, motorbikes and scooters however, DO comply with the ULEZ as they produce zero emissions. This makes them not only environmentally friendly but totally exempt from any Ultra Low Emission Zone charges.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you have a bike that was built before 2007, the likelihood is that you’ll have to pay the charges associated with the Ultra Low Emission Zone. This is because all charges are based on declared emissions at the time of being built.

  • If you find your bike doesn’t comply with the ULEZ, then you will be faced with a charge of £12.50 per day you’re in the zone.
  • If you commute into the Ultra Low Emission Zone five days a week, as most will do, that could add up to a whopping £250 per month or £2500 per year.

That’s a huge sum on money to have to pay on top of fuel costs, tax and insurance.

It’s easy to see therefore just how much money you could save by swapping your current petrol bike for an electric motorbike or moped. The return on your investment would be almost instant as you’d find zero tax needing to be paid, zero cost for MOT’s, minimal servicing and of course, escaping the rather harsh charges of the ULEZ.

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Avoiding The Ultra Low Emission Zone

There really is only one way to avoid the ultra low emission zone charges and that’s by simply going electric. Technology has advanced hugely in the last few years, making electric mopeds not only incredibly effective in terms of speed and range it’s also made them a cost-effective option too.

If you were to compare the running costs of an electric moped with a petrol run moped, you may be surprised. Let’s consider a five day a week commute with an average of 100 miles a week.

A petrol run vehicle would cost anywhere between £5-20 per week in mileage costs and £62.50 per week for the ULEZ. An electric moped or motorbike however, would cost on average less than £1 in mileage cost and £0 in Ultra Low Emission Zone charges. When put next to each other, they simply don’t compare.

The Affordable Alternative

When people think of electric mopeds and motorbikes, they immediately think of high purchase prices but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only do our current bikes have a whopping £250 off the current purchase price for summer but they’re also available from just £80 per month as a lease. Electric bikes have never been so affordable and now with the Ultra Low Emission Zone looking set to expand in 2021, they’re fast becoming the only real choice too.

If you’d like more information on our selection of electric bikes which will help you escape the daily ULEZ charges, contact us today on 01928 583030.