Electric Mopeds & Electric Scooters From E-Rider

Do you dream of being free to travel, to visit your friends and commute to work without the running costs of fuel and tax? Do you want to travel in style, knowing you’re helping keep the environment clean and free from pollutants?

Then you need an electric moped from E-Rider. These super, cost-effective and modern electric mopeds are available in a variety of models from the Model 30 City to the Model 30 Roma. Check out the electric moped guide for a comparison of the electric scooters on offer.

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Every one of our electric mopeds for sale offer reliable motors, durable rechargeable batteries and of course, excellent braking for a safe, efficient ride. What’s more, they start at just £1,295. If that’s not enough, we also offer a fantastic leasing program, making them even more affordable. Our moped lease program allows you to pay from as little as £50 per month, with a final payment making the electric moped of your choice yours.

Why Buy An Electric Moped or Electric Scooter?

The Government have recently announced that they’ll be introducing a total ban on all carbon emitting vehicles and that means mopeds too. Our electric mopeds are therefore a great option for those still wanting the flexibility of commuting without having to rely on public transport.

With speeds of 30mph, our electric mopeds are ideal for whizzing around the city, happy in the knowledge that you’re not only getting from A to B virtually free of charge but also doing so without falling victim to the dreaded congestion charge or ULEZ charge. Tax free, our mopeds for lease offer you the ultimate economically sound option.

Electric Mopeds Are Ideal For Beginners

The electric mopeds available here at E-Rider are easily operated and super maneuverable in and out of traffic, making them ideal even for the novice rider following CBT training. With smooth steering and a strong, robust build, these electric scooters are guaranteed to provide you with the ability to zip here, there and anywhere for a long time to come. With the added bonus of minimal maintenance, it’s a no-brainer.

In order to legally operate our electric mopeds, you’ll need a licence, insurance and of course a helmet, however, you’ll save a huge amount of money when it comes to fuel and of course, tax.

Do electric mopeds require a licence?

Yes most people who use a two-wheeled form of powered road transport will require a CBT and moped training.

It stands for compulsory basic training and is not a test of your riding ability.

Why do you need A CBT?

Without CBTs, many more accidents would inevitably occur on the road.

They only cost around £100 depending on where you live and you cannot fail since there is no test at the end of the course.

You can check your licence to see the type vehicles you can drive, or check the UK government website.

Do electric mopeds need an MOT?

Once an electric moped is three years old, an MOT certificate is required by law, the same as any other vehicle.

How do you charge an electric moped?

Our electric mopeds can be charged from conventional UK power sockets, simply remove the battery from the vehicle and plug it in.

How much is electric moped insurance?

Insurance costs for electric mopeds are very affordable, for as little as £240 per annum for example.

Electric moped emissions?

Simply put, electric mopeds are emission-free when you ride them. As increasing numbers of city centres tighten up on their air quality requirements such as ULEZ, so more and more electrically powered mopeds will become the norm.

At E-Rider, all of our electric mopeds come with a two year warranty as standard. They also come with free delivery to anywhere in the UK and of course, the ability to return the product should you not be happy with your purchase.

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With the fantastic reviews we’re receiving on a daily basis however, we’re certain that won’t be the case. For more information on our lease options or if you’d like to book a test drive for just £95, simply contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any model and show you just why they’re becoming so popular.