Do Electric Mopeds Reduce Car Pollution?

If there’s one thing that’s been at the forefront of recent news, it’s our ever-increasingly polluted environment. Every which way we look, our air is becoming thicker and more laden with pollutants than ever before, our seas are filling with plastics and landfills are becoming fuller by the day. With such a weight baring down on our world, it’s no wonder we want to do something about it.

Save The Environment

Now, in our world focused on reducing our waste, reusing materials and recycling where and when we can, more people are seeking out new and innovative ways to lessen the impact on our already struggling environment. With car sharing and cycling to work not always being an option, we as a global nation came up with the incredible concept of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles & Electric Motorbikes

While it could be argued that electric vehicles & electric bikes have been around for quite some time, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve begun to take this method of travel seriously. Why? Perhaps it’s down to the advancements in technology; with the range of electric vehicles, along with the capabilities now competing with regular petrol and diesel engine vehicles, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more and more on our roads than ever before.

The Electric Moped: Saving Our Planet

After all this, if you’ve found yourself still wondering how one might reduce their carbon footprint, we have the answer in the form of the incredible electric moped. You might even find yourself surprised to learn that an electric moped could help you reduce your carbon footprint in more ways than one.

Commute Carbon Free

Do you spend your time commuting to and from work? Whether you use buses, trains or your own car, you’ll produce carbon emissions each time you travel. With the help of electric mopeds and electric scooters however, you’ll be able to enjoy a journey to work with zero emissions. All it takes is a simple charge from your own electric source at home and hey presto, you can enjoy the same speeds and capabilities as other mopeds without producing the harmful carbon emissions we’re trying so hard to fight against.

Deliver Goods Carbon Free

Do you run a food or product delivery service? Then you’ll know just how many miles your current delivery bikes can cover in just a short 24 hour period. Thankfully, electric cargo bikes are now available, offering an incredible range and speed, as well as the capability to carry everything from pizza boxes to product boxes. Not only will they be much cheaper to run for your business but they’ll also allow you to make every single delivery carbon emission free. Over the course of a year, that could make an astronomical difference to the collective carbon emissions produced by your company.

Every Day Use

Whether it’s a short journey to the shops or a fair few miles to your friends house, replace your usual carbon fuel based vehicle with an electric moped and you can instantly reduce your carbon footprint by opting for electrically fuelled journeys. Electric mopeds now offer a much greater range as well as some top speeds around 70mph +/- giving people the capability to travel virtually anywhere like never before.

Electric Scooters Offer Many Advantages

As well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint simply by replacing your carbon fuel powered vehicle, you’ll also find your carbon footprint being reduced thanks to the environmental impact of the battery within your electric moped. The power needed to generate the batteries quite simply pales in comparison to the power needed to create a regular petrol/diesel powered car. With the environmental agency reporting that road traffic makes up a whopping 22% of the UK carbon dioxide emissions, a switch to electric mopeds and electric motorbikes could make a much bigger difference than we all realise.

Buying & Leasing Electric Bikes

What’s more, electric bikes are more accessible than ever before thanks to the likes of E Rider, a UK based electric bike distributor offering the latest technologies within the most modern designs, all for some incredibly affordable prices. With investments into electric cars needing a minimum of around £30,000 and upwards, electric bike are a breath of fresh air starting from just £1,495. With leasing available from just £50 per month, it’s never been more affordable. For more information on E Rider and what they have available, contact them today on 01928 583030.


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