Looking for the cheapest electric bikes in the UK? You’ve come to the right place.

Difference Between Electric Bikes, Mopeds & Motorbikes?

Electric bikes are different to mopeds and motorbikes. They may have a battery on board but they still boast the ability to allow you to pedal. No wonder they’re so popular, right?

They’re the best of both worlds and because they offer both, they have so many benefits. While their speed may be limited to 15 mph, their simple electric engine can allow you to go further than you ever imagined.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

While some electric bikes are pedal assist only, all the bikes on offer here at E-Rider work on a twist-and-go system. From the Model 18 to the Rondo Electric Bike, each offers its own benefits and uses.

In addition, if you’ve been on a long journey and the battery goes flat in the final stretch, you still have the ability to pedal home. Whether you’re looking for a simple bike to help your commute or something to pop to the shops on, we’ve got the perfect model and what’s more, we’ve got some of the cheapest electric bikes out there. Let’s take a look.

E Shopper Electric Bike – You guys were looking for the cheapest electric bike in the UK and we’ve got it here. This is the E Shopper Electric Bike – priced at only £895. While it is of course specified with pedals, the E Shopper is actually still classed as an electric bike/scooter hybrid.

This means it offers all the safety features of an ebike such as wing mirrors, indicators and LED lights while still enabling you to pedal chance to pedal when needed.

Thousands of E Shopper shave been sold worldwide but only E Rider have the rights to sell it here in the UK – making it quite an exclusive find. Don’t have £895 in your pocket to spend? Don’t worry! You can now lease this bike from just £50 per month.

Side View Of Electric Bike
Side View Of Black Electric Bike

The Rondo Electric Bike – Next up we have the awesome Rondo Electric Bike priced at just £1,095. Once again, the Rondo offers a simple twist-and-go handle bar allowing the bike to reach 15 mph and even offers an impressive range of 20-25 miles on a single charge.

It has a pretty powerful lithium battery under the hood giving you some great acceleration and a comfortable ride. To add to this, it can also be leased from just £50 a month too.

Model 15 Electric Bike – Looking for the next step up from the Rondo? Then check out the Model 15 Electric Bike.

This offers everything the Rondo does with a few extras including a handy integrated back box for storing everything from your phone to your purse/wallet as well as improved lights for those darker journeys in the winter months.

The 48V 10ah Lithium battery, which can be removed for charging, offers increased power. With its rear wheel lock and electronic alarm, this is a must-have bike especially.

At just £1,195 it’s priced incredibly well. But if you’d prefer to split your payments, this bike can be leased from just £50 per month.

Side View Of Black Electric Bike
White Electric Bike

Model 18 Electric Bike – Last but not least we have the Model 18. Priced originally at £1,695, it’s currently on offer in our Winter Sale at just £1,395. That’s a small price for a lot of bike.

With awesome contemporary styling, this model offers a speed of up to 15 mph however, it’s the range that really sets this bike apart.

The 48v 24ah lithium battery offers a range of up to 45 miles – making it one of the best options for commuters. Once again, this bike is available from just £50 a month too on our lease scheme.

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