Security Guide

Many of our bikes have individual security fitted- electronic alarms and ignition locks etc but with a huge number of bikes being stolen in the UK every day, moped and motorbike security is very important. Despite the daily threats, many people leave their bikes unsecured and this makes them an incredibly easy target for thieves. […]

How Reliable Are Chinese Made Electric Bicycles?

what are the cheapest electric bikes?

From hoverboards, go karts, electric scooters, segways, and electric bicycles, electric powered vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. As electric bikes have seen a big increase in sales worldwide, more and more people are asking themselves: are e-bikes from China worth it? The reason why this question gets posed could be a number of things. It […]

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Electric Motorcycles & Electric Mopeds

What is the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)? The Ultra Low Emission Zone, otherwise known as the ULEZ is currently being introduced to London. While it may have already arrived within the current congestion charge zone, there will be an expansion of the zone coming in 2021. The expansion will see the current Ultra Low […]

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With An Electric Moped

Smoke Fumes E Rider

Do Electric Mopeds Reduce Car Pollution? If there’s one thing that’s been at the forefront of recent news, it’s our ever-increasingly polluted environment. Every which way we look, our air is becoming thicker and more laden with pollutants than ever before, our seas are filling with plastics and landfills are becoming fuller by the day. […]

Electric Motorbikes vs. Petrol Motorbikes

Why Electric Motorbikes Are The Best We all know the benefits that come with electric cars and vans. They’re ‘green’, cheap to run and their increasing credibility is making them more and more popular for everyday use. The question today however – what about electric motorcycles? Although their popularity is increasing, we don’t see them […]

A Brief History Of Electric Mopeds & Electric Vehicles

Here at E Rider, we stock a range of electric mopeds and scooters. Electric vehicles such as this haven’t just become something we sell, but our passion. So much so that we’ve not only gained an immense amount of knowledge and expertise around the vehicles we sell, but we have learnt an incredible amount regarding […]

Electric Cargo Bikes Make Light Work Of Delivery Runs

Side View Of White Electric Motorbike

Electric Cargo Bikes – E-Rider Model 50 Motorbike Electric motorbikes have become hugely popular over the last few years. From bicycles with additional motors for that extra added oomph, to sports models that can give your favourite Kawasaki a run for its money. One such bike that should never be underestimated in its abilities and […]

What’s The Fastest Electric Motorcycle?

Man Riding Electric Motorbike

Ever wondered what’s the fastest electric motorcycle? There used to be a time when using the words ‘electric’ and ‘motorcycle’ together would create reactions of shock and disbelief. The thought of an electric motorcycle seemed blasphemous. Even imagining the thrill of a motorbike but with an electric engine was impossibility; surely you need the noise […]

Electric Motorbike Series from E-Rider – Meet the Newest Range

Variety Of Electric Mopeds In Storage

More and more people, businesses and organisations are starting to realise that the future is electric. So, as a company at the forefront of the electric revolution, we’re committed to offering our customers the latest innovations in eMobility – that’s why we’ve introduced a brand new electric motorbike series into our range! This blog explores […]

Can You Handle the Beast?

The E-Rider Model 60 is quite simply the most powerful, exhilarating and stylish electric scooter you can drive on UK roads. It represents the ideal choice for thrill-seekers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, fuel expenditure and through-life costs, while still retaining full power and all the joys of riding a motorcycle. The bike is equipped […]

Electric Bikes: A Brief History

Electric bikes, and electric vehicles in general, have experienced a massive uptake over the past few years due to their positive impact on the environment, improved designs and cost benefits. This got us thinking and researching about the history of electric bikes and when they first started to come to prominence, and they’ve got a […]

Up Close and Personal with the E-Rider Moda

What do you get when you combine a state-of-the-art design, onboard charging, a top speed of 30mph and a removable 72v lithium battery? You get the new E-Rider Moda, of course. We have designed the Moda electric moped specifically to give you, what we believe, is the coolest electric bike available in the market. Armed […]

What are the Environmental and Economical Advantages of an E-Rider?

With the government recently announcing a total ban on the sale of petrol-driven vehicles from 2040 onwards, we thought this would be a good time to take a closer look at the environmental and economical advantages you can unlock when choosing an electric motorbike, electric bike or electric moped as your primary mode of transport.   […]

Introducing the E-Rider Model 15 Special Edition

Longer driving time than a Tesla and available for a fraction of the price… When we founded E-Rider back in 2013, we wanted to bring electric mopeds to the marketplace that aren’t just eco-friendly and free of the legal restrictions attached to petrol-driven vehicles, we wanted them to look great too. We think the E-Rider Model 15 […]

Which E-Rider Electric Moped is Right for You?

So, you’ve decided you want to get an electric moped. You’ve trawled the marketplace and decided an E-Rider is the electric bike for you, good choice. But which model do you go for? Here, we break down the key features and benefits of each bike in our electric moped range to help make the decision […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Bike

Are you thinking about switching your mode of transport to an electric bike, getting one for a family member or friend, or curious as to what is driving the electric vehicle revolution? Here, we outline what we think are five pretty good reasons to take the electric plunge.    1. Lower your cost of ownership Riding an electric bike […]