Owning or leasing an E Rider bike really can change your life.

We have many customers who have, for whatever reason, had their driving licences taken from them by the DVLA- this often seems to  happen to  those unlucky enough to suffer head injuries, brain disease or even mild stroke. An E Rider Model 15, because it doesn’t require a licence, has the power to restore their mobility and allow people to continue to live their lives as they did before the event.

However I had a phone call the other day from an elderly gentleman requesting a new inner tube. Not unusual- most of our customers are over 50. But during the conversation he told me that had bought an E Rider not for himself but for his grandson.  The boy, he told me, had a disability and had not worked since leaving school a few years previously but then, out of the blue, had landed a job at a local McDonalds. The only problem was that the shifts he had been asked to work did not fit in with the public transport patterns and he had no way of getting to and from his new job.

So his grandfather had bought him an E Rider as a solution to this problem and he told me that, since starting work, the boy’s life had changed dramatically. From being surly and withdrawn he had become a much more outgoing and positive person. His life, his grandfather told me, had been utterly transformed.

It doesn’t happen often but I have to admit to feeling a warm glow of satisfaction when I hung up the phone……


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