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Why not lease an E RIDER bike from just £50 per month!!!

You pay an immediate deposit followed by a set number of monthly payments. Details for each bike are below

At the end of the lease period you have the option to return the bike or to buy it outright for a single payment of £20.


If you would like to lease an E RIDER you can do so below.

Please note that any discount offers on the website apply to cash orders only. You should not not use any Coupon Code in conjunction with a Leasing order.


Lease a Model 15

£250 deposit plus 26 payments of £50

Price(GBP): £250.00

Lease a Model 30 City

£500 deposit plus 20 payments of £80

Price(GBP): £500.00

Lease an E Shopper

£250 deposit plus 20 payments of £50

Price(GBP): £250.00

Lease a Model 30 Moda

£500 deposit plus 26 payments of £80

Price(GBP): £500.00

Lease a Rondo

£250 deposit plus 28 payments of £50

Price(GBP): £250.00


As soon as you have paid your deposit, we will post you out a contract to sign along with a Standing Order form for the monthly payment. Return the paperwork and we will deliver your shiny new bike a few days later.

It’s that simple!!!


If you have an E RIDER lease and need to catch up on a missing payment you can do so below.

Price(GBP): £50.00