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Why not lease an E RIDER bike from just £50 per month!!!

You pay an immediate deposit of £250 (£500 for the City) followed by 26 monthly payments of £50 or just 19 monthly payments for the E Shopper. For the Moda the deposit is £500 plus 20 monthly payments of £80.

At the end of the lease period you have the option to return the bike or to buy it outright for a single payment of £20.


If you would like to lease an E RIDER you can do so below.

Please note that any discount offers apply to cash orders only. You should not not use any Coupon Code in conjunction with a Leasing order.

Lease a Model 15

Price(GBP): £250.00

Lease a Model 30

Price(GBP): £250.00

Lease a Model 30 City

Price(GBP): £500.00

Lease an E Shopper

Price(GBP): £250.00

Lease a Model 30 Moda

Price(GBP): £500.00

As soon as you have paid your deposit, we will post you out a contract to sign along with a Standing Order form for the monthly payment. Return the paperwork and we will deliver your shiny new bike a few days later.

It’s that simple!!!


If you have an E RIDER lease and need to catch up on a missing payment you can do so below.

Price(GBP): £50.00