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DSC08738 (1)

  • Anyone 14 years or older can ride the E RIDER Model 15 on the road
  • Younger riders may use the Model 15 off road
  • TheRIDER Model 15 is not subject to Vehicle Excise Duty
  • A driving licence is not required to operate the bike
  • TheRIDER Model 15 does not require an MOT
  • Insurance is not legally required
  • The RIDER Model 15 does not need to be registered with the DVLA
  • It may be used in bus lanes and on cycle paths
  • A helmet is not legally required
  • It is not liable to parking fines or congestion charges
  • The operator of an E RIDER Model 15 is not required to provide a breath or blood sample *

* Please note that we do NOT recommend riding whilst intoxicated and we advise the use of a safety helmet