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    Paul IOM

    I have recently taken delivery of a Model 30, and In the past couple of days have done around 30 miles on it, so I thought I would write a short review.

    I can honestly say that up to now the bike has met or exceeded my expectations, firstly, having never owned a Chinese bike I was a little concerned about build quality, but as soon as I started to assemble the bike I could immediately see that they have come a long way in the past few years when it comes to quality, ok it’s not quite Japanese standard, but to be fair it’s not far away either, and this is from a person who has worked on all types of Japanese racing machines over the past 30 odd years, I would say the Chinese are now at the level of the Japanese around 20 years ago, and I mean that as a complement, Japan were churning out great bikes 20 years ago.

    So what is it like to ride? Out on the road it is very capable, performance wise it punches away from the traffic lights quickly enough to match any other vehicle in town traffic, zipping up to 30mph effortlessly, I’ve seen an indicated 35mph several times on the level, and 45mph on some slight downhill stretches, I’ve also tackled some pretty steep hills too, and although it drops to 20mph it then just sits there and holds that speed until it gets to the top, and this is carrying a 6ft tall 12 stone bloke, so don’t worry about getting in the way because it’s more than capable of mixing it with the urban traffic.

    Suspension is adequate, its probably the only area where it lacks the refinement of more expensive machines, it is a bit underdamped leading to a pogo stick effect on some of the really bumpy roads, it does the job though.

    Initially I inflated the tyres to the maximum shown on the sidewalls which is 38psi, my logic being that using the maximum permitted pressures would give me the best range due to less drag, this is probably true, but a trip along a bumpy road at 30mph was quite crashy and uncomfortable, every manhole cover was rattling my eyes out their sockets, so I dropped them to 30psi front and 32psi rear and the result is a much nicer ride on the rough bits.

    The longest ride I’ve done up to now was around 16 miles on a mixture of town and country roads, with a couple of long uphill sections which would have even the fittest cyclist walking, the Model 30 took all this in its stride.

    The riding position is great, the seat is comfortable, and all the switches are exactly where your thumbs expect to find them, so it really is a joy to ride.

    I haven’t fitted the rear storage box yet, simply because I don’t need it, there is still enough space under the seat for wallet, phone, keys and other bits and pieces, even though I keep the charger under there too so it’s always with the bike if I need to top up anywhere, which brings me on to the next bit, range.

    It’s early days yet, but on my recent 16 mile round trip the gauge never moved from full, so I have no reason to disbelieve the figures quoted in the spec, of 40+ miles.

    All in all I am amazed by this little gem, I never thought after having competitively raced some seriously fast motorbikes in my younger days, and having 2 high performance cars in the garage nowadays, that I would look forward so much to zipping out on It at every opportunity, and wherever I park up it gets lots of attention from people of all ages, even the local boy racers think it’s cool.

    There is more to come on this story, I’ve recently discussed a tough challenge with Ken, which I think the Model 30 might just be able to pull off, It should take place within the next few weeks, weather and time permitting, when it takes place I’ll tell you all about it.

    Watch this space!!

    Paul IOM

    Time for an update on my earlier review, in the past 2 weeks i’ve covered over 250km’s on my Model 30, this includes a couple of 17 mile single trips with plenty of hills, and the bike has coped admirably.

    The only issue i’ve had up to now was when the bike was accidently knocked over whilst parked by someone not paying attention, would you believe a youth on a mountain bike reversed into it and tipped it off its side stand whilst chatting to his friends grrr!!, this caused some minor scratching to the side panels and bent the front brake lever, nothing major, but later that day the indicators also stopped working, I traced the fault to the indicator relay, this may have have been a result of the fall, anyway I obtained a replacment generic 2 pin relay for £4.99 from a local motorcycle dealer and it took 10 minutes to replace, job sorted.

    I have just been involved in a really busy local sporting event here, the Classic TT & Manx Grand Prix, and as a result the roads have been crazy around town, the Model 30 has therefore been worth its weight in gold for nipping through all the traffic to get parts for the race bikes etc.

    Last Friday it really saved the day, when 30 minutes before the start of the Senior Manx Grand Prix my mate who was about to compete in the race and was up at the pits getting changed into his riding kit, suddenly discovered that he only had one racing boot in his kit bag, after a couple of minutes of panic, some words not repeatable here, and frantic searching, it was decided the other boot must still be down town in the apartment he’d rented!!

    With time ticking away, and no chance of shoehorning the van out of the paddock, then squeezing through the traffic through town to the apartment, and then getting back in time, he jumped on the Model 30 and whizzed away, returning 10 minutes later with the missing boot and a big grin before taking his place on the startline!!

    Watch this space as we head for 500km, which will hopefully be before it gets too cold out there.


    I received my Model 30 in July and since it was registered I’ve been driving it to work and back…It saves me so much time…before it was 1,5 hours by bus and now 25 minutes!!! It’s easy to charge, maintain and unbelievable cheap…I’m very happy and satisfied customer and I can only recommend this electric miracle…I’ll use it until it is possible…I love it to be honest.

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Paul/Lukas

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your Model30 bikes. The feedback I have received from customers is pretty much unanimous- everyone loves it. I have one too and it really is a great machine- so much fun to ride you look forward to every journey.

    We have almost sold out of the original batch and are in the process of getting some more. Thought we might get some white ones this time as well as the black.

    Any views

    Paul IOM

    The white model does look very nice, I’m thinking of buying another model 30 as a Christmas present for my other half, do you know if the white model will have disc brakes as shown in the photo Ken?

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Paul

    They haven’t been manufactured yet so we could probably specify them with either disc or drum. Unless you have any input to the contrary I think the drum brake is a bit neater and seems to do the job.


    Paul IOM

    Hi Ken, disc brakes are just a bit lighter with less components, and by their design are self adjusting, so a little less long term maintenance.

    The drums do their job well enough though.


    Hi All

    I’ve just bought a Model 30 and being my first step into the world of electric vehicles, I have to admit to being very impressed.

    I would appreciate any input people have on maintaining these bikes though, as there appears to be nothing available on the internet, and I suspect they’re too new for someone like Haynes to have written a manual. I’ve never owned a moped before, so any advice at all would be appreciated.



    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Matthew

    Glad you are enjoying the bike!!

    One of the great things about electric bikes is that, by comparison with petrol machines, that require almost no maintenance. Apart from the wheels there are no moving parts- no transmission, gearbox etc. The motor is a sealed unit and is brushless- so nothing to wear out. If you ever have any problems with your bike please come to us first before taking it to a repair shop. It is very likely that we can solve your problem.

    Paul IOM

    Hi Matthew, as Ken says, there is very little to worry about in terms of maintaining your Model 30, here is a few tips.

    When you have clocked a few initial miles, just go back over fixings and fastenings from when you built it, as things settle down on anything mechanical once it is first used.

    Ongoing, To get the maximum life out of your battery Keep it charged, if you have ridden it charge it afterwards, don’t park it up for more than a couple of days with a partly discharged battery, but after a long ride (10 miles or so) it is a good idea (but not essential) to let the battery cool off for 30 minutes before charging, this helps to the battery to absorb a charge better.

    Keep the brakes adjusted, this is simply a matter of turning the adjusters on the brake arms, set them as you would with a cycle, so that you can brake hard without the levers touching the handlebars, but with some free travel at the beginning of the pull so that they don’t bind.

    Periodically Check the tyre pressures, I find 30psi front, and 32psi rear is about right for comfort and handling, and have a look around the tyres for any damage or objects embedded in the tyres.

    Switch on the lights and indicators and walk around the scooter to make sure they are all working, squeeze the brakes and check th brake lights.

    Maybe run a spanner over things like wheel spindle nuts, mirrors, and any other visible fastenings.

    And that’s pretty much a service, it takes around 5 minutes every 2 – 3 months.

    Enjoy : )


    Thanks for the comments guys. Very helpful, especially the bit about charging the battery.

    I’ve been mainly using it for the 3 mile trip to the train station every morning and it’s a lot more quick and comfortable than the pushbike. Just trying to invent excuses to go out on it all the time now. More fun than the car and easier to park.

    Paul IOM

    I was out on mine today, even though it’s freezing here, and as you rightly say it’s brilliant for a trip into town, I can be there and home again in the time it takes me to drive around trying to find a parking space in the car.

    If it’s not raining and I’m doing anything local, I’ll always jump on mine whenever I can, and once the weather warms up I’ll be using it for longer runs again too.

    I took the opportunity to take a snap of mine in TT pit lane earlier as I was passing : )

    Paul IOM

    Tried to upload a photo but file size was too big, I’ve sent some to Ken so maybe he’ll post them up.

    Ken Ferguson

    Here is an image


    Hi there fellow ’30 riders!

    Just a small note. I love the bike but was surprised to note that it comes with an incandescent headlight bulb. I’ve changed to this one and it’s vastly superior. Just thought I’d share.


    Kind regards!

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