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    i got the e rider 15 around 2 weeks ago and i can say its the best electric bike i have had its a nippy bike and its got a good pull on it i am loving my e rider 15

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Dan

    That’s great to hear. I’m loving mine too!!!

    I think we’ve have really got this one right. It’s a great machine.


    hi all its been around 6 months now since i have had my e rider 15 i am stil loving it its a fantastic bike its nippy and gets me around over all realy inpressed with my e rider



    Had the model 15 a couple of weeks and what a difference it’s made.
    I’m a 35 yr old with onset parkinsons and hearing problems and having the bike has meant i can get around again without to much walking and carrying of stuff…

    Next stop is to find some seat panniers so i can carry even more equipment to work and back.

    The looks and even being stopped by other bikers to just talk and check the bike out is brill.. so far everyone i have spoke with loves it and the concept.

    Top work Ken and the gang at e rider for bringing these to the UK.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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