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    Have done a six mile journey and enjoyed every moment of it. What’s been great is that The E Rider 15 allows me to use the bicycle paths as well as the roads. I prefer using the bike paths which are usually quiet/empty and less nerve-wracking than the busy roads. As a driver I can understand how it can be trying to be stuck behind a cyclist on a narrow, winding road so I’m happy to have the option to use the bike path whenever possible.
    At the same time, the features on the Model 15 make me feel more confident on the roadway, even when it’s busy. I find it so easy to signal and am glad that I needn’t take my hands off the handlebars. Furthermore, the horn is nice and loud – I’ve only had to use it once and the driver, with windows up, about to pull out onto the main road without looking both ways, heard and was instantly made aware of my approach.
    Am really happy with my bike and the fact that it allows for ‘the best of both worlds.’

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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