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    Then you’d better get an E Rider.

    I was going to label this post, ‘Hill? What hill?’ but after today’s ride, and an earlier post, maybe that’s not necessary. (I did do several hills today of varying steepness and I’ve never found it SO easy! Hills? Bring ’em on!)

    Usually I go out for a spin early. Today after 9am and got back in after 10am. There were lots of people around – well, more than usual – and I can tell you they were fascinated by this bike. A couple guys even hailed me out and stopped to stare. I’m sure the fact that it’s so silent and zippy is a draw.

    I love the fact that the seat is comfortable, that I can switch to throttle or pedals as the situation or the mood requires. The indicators are great as it means I needn’t take my hands off the handlebars. The fact that they are audible is a bonus. (Though I use them only when absolutely necessary on my early a.m. rides – don’t want to annoy the neighbours!)

    One note, make sure the pedals are tightly and properly installed – I lost one today but was able to recover it as I knew my route well and noticed when I’d lost it. I did a quick re-trace of my tracks and I found it on the sidewalk. (I wasn’t riding there [shock-horror: that’s illegal!!!!] but thanks to the kind soul (pedestrian) who took it up off the side of the road and left it there for me to find.)

    On a different note:
    I don’t usually contribute to forums but when I was looking for more info on the E Rider this was the place I looked but there wasn’t as much customer feedback as I’d have liked. I’m hoping that folks out there considering investing in one will find these posts helpful. I have yet to do a truly long run but will try to leave observations when I do.

    This bike is taking me some time to get used to in terms of cornering safely – I suppose it’s the speed that I’m unaccustomed to so I slow down to a more comfortable pace. It’s also important to keep looking around yourself all the time – be observant non-stop especially when around other road users. One pedestrian didn’t hear the bike and almost stepped out in front of me to cross the road. She was walking along the pavement, back to oncoming traffic [i.e. me] and hadn’t stopped to ensure the road was clear – thankfully she took a quick backward look before stepping out and realised it wasn’t safe.

    I’m really enjoying this bike and the sense of freedom that it provides. Because it’s electrically assisted I can stay out longer and go further without worrying that I’ll be too tired to get back.

    I hope to be sharing more in the near future.

    In the meantime fellow E Riders, Rock On! 🙂

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Ten

    Glad you’re enjoying your E Rider!!

    I built mine yesterday and am pleased to say that the improvements on the previous model are significant. In particular it has much more zip and it can even get my considerable weight up the steepest of hills with ease.



    Hi Ken,

    I’ve been singing the Model 15’s praises and everyone I show it to is impressed. It’s sad that at least two people I spoke to are put off by the fact that motorists can be so hostile to cyclists and that that as a result can pose a danger to life and limb.

    I’ll admit that I too have considered the dangers but I’m not about to let that put me off. I think the more cyclists there are, the better. I am truly enjoying the Model 15 and am working up to my first longish run on it. (About 3 miles.) I’ve found that the wind on this zippy machine makes my eyes water so I’ve invested in a ‘proper’ helmet i.e. a full face motorcycle helmet. On the one hand, it’ll stop my eyes from watering, keep my head warm in cooler temps and it affords more protection than the bicycle helmet I’m currently using. I figured it’s a good investment too in case I decide to go all out and qualify to ride a faster machine. We’ll see what time unfolds. In the meantime, I’m certainly going to be ‘geared up’ in the best way possible.

    What do you use helmet-wise?



    Hi all yous my erider to get me 2 work this morning thurt it wood take a long time only took me 15 min witch I was shock at the ride was every smoth had a lot off cab driver look at the bike one pulled up and ask Wat was it he tind a round and said it look very smart on the hill it pulls me up them with a little peddle am really like my erider

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Anthony

    Great you like the bike and I wish you many happy miles with it!!!

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