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    Thank-You very much Ken Ferguson.
    very much appreciated. im loving my bike more and more each day.
    Now I am enjoying it so much that im even trying to talk my son into having one.
    Im currently trying to work out how to get the other companies Logos off this one without damaging the finish.
    any tips on how to do this would be great.
    Im loving the bike so much now, im even thinking of adding some kind of sound system in so i can have music ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maybe a nice blutooth speaker in the back box and a mobile phone mounted onto the handlebars so i can use its satnav function too.
    Instead of fealing like im stuck with it , now i feal like i want to play around with it and personalise it


    Hi Luci-ferson

    Please let me know your full name and address through our contact section and I will send you the mirrors Ken promised.


    Thank you both once again. This was an excellent start to my day.
    Ive just broken my greenhouse door and I was in such a good mood I didnt even swear at it.


    The mirrors arrived yesterday and fitted on perfectly. Thanks loads
    Its good to be able see behind me again without having to turn my neck like an owl.

    Ken Ferguson

    One of our Scottish customers emailed me this amusing story.

    Last week was one of these weeks where everything went haywire and was finished yesterday by being stopped by the police ( one ) who went all over the bike looking for the engine as he was sure it was a scooter and I don’t think he believed me that it was on the rear wheel, I think he thought it was a big break, I gave him the card which came with it and I reckon he read it two or three times and then phoned the traffic police who must have told him to forget it as he handed back the card, said thanks for my time and went away saying, I am sure there should be a number plate on somewhere!. You can pass on to your customers that the traffic police aren’t interested.

    We’ll educate them eventually!!!


    hi ken

    i have to say that the public and law officer have appreiate my bike never got pulled off they were amazed asking about were the bike came from so ive told them about erider website and told them that it was in the ideal home show 2014, so al i can say anyone living in london all u gonna get smiles and waves from the publics ๐Ÿ™‚


    Why dont you do a video with someone explaing how to put the bike together because the video on you tube is not very good
    just a thought


    Assembly is not difficult at all. People find it easy to follow the written assembly instructions we provide to purchasers. A video would just add to the cost of the bike and not many people would want that.

    Ken Ferguson

    For some reason, not many customers post reviews here which is a bit of a shame as we receive very many positive comments.

    Here are some of the recent comments made-

    Very pleased with purchase thank you – ZT

    great bike,very happy,thanks. – KC

    First class service throughout – highly recommended! – S

    Great bike.Brill to ride about on,better than my old push rod!Very happy indeed. – S


    Good product, helpful support. Good value – G

    a good purchase Thanks – D

    Very pleased!! Very well made. Would recommend to anyone – S

    great service super fast delivery many thanks – D



    I have had my ERider Model 15 for 10 days now and in that time I have done around 100 miles so decided it was time I wrote my review.

    The bike was well packaged and not too difficult to unbox.
    The instructions were not for this model and the english translation was not very good.
    Putting the bike together was not too much of a hassle.

    I found the quality to be ok but the finish could have been better. The battery is labelled 48v 10ah not 48v 12ah and the motor is labelled 200w not 250w, however I have been told that this is simply mislabelling by the manufacturer.

    Speed, Distance & Hills
    On even terrain with peddling I get good speeds with up to 30mph downhill.
    At 6’3″ 17st I can get around 13 miles of varying terrain including hills of 14% grade before the battery starts to struggle.
    Going up hill does require some peddling but is not too difficult.

    I have found that the bike definately turns alot of heads in a positive way. I have people pulling beside me to take a look and often get a big smile or thumbs up as well as others asking what the bike is and where I got it from.

    My Modifications
    The peddle arm bolts were loose so these had to be tightened.
    I replaced my peddles with some with better grip as I found my feet were slipping on the peddles.
    I had to tighten the brakes as they were not tight enough to slow me properly downhill.
    My chain came off 4 times in one day, I believe the cause of this was the plastic ring on the rear sprocket becoming loose and cause the chain to slip. Since removing this ring I have not had the chain slip once.
    I have fitted a front and rear camera for my own peace of mind.

    Peddling will boost your speed significantly.
    Check peddle arm bolts are fully tightened.
    As I ride mostly during the night and living in a built up area I did not want to be a nuisance to the neighbours with the beep beep when the battery was inserted or the ignition switched off. To combat this when starting the bike I unlock the seat box, put the key in the ignition and switch the bike on then flip the master switch inside the seat box. When finishing a ride I leave the ignition on and use the spare key to unlock the seat box and switch off the master switch before turning off the ignition.

    Overall I am happy with my ERider Model 15 but do have concerns with the mislabelling of the product.

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for your review.

    A few points. We are in the process of amending the User Guide for the new model bike and this will be emailed to all customers on completion. Also we have taken up the component labeling with the manufacturer and this will be corrected for the next batch of bikes.

    Glad you are over your teething problems and that you are generally pleased with the bike. This fits in with all the other feedback we have been getting.


    Hi all got stop on Thursday by matrix in Liverpool on My bike they had never seen one in Liverpool so we’re ever impressed one officer ask cud he get his pick take with the bike am really enjoying the bike there is a lot off people ask were 2 get the bike from so told them a bout the website and all so told them how good ken is when there is a problem like I had with my bike at first wood not hold a charge but ken came and sort it out hope u all have a good day riding ur bikes

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Anthony

    Did you get him to sit on the bike to have his picture taken? I’d have loved to see it!!!



    Hey Anthony,

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun with your bike too. Amused by your experience with the officers thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi ken ya he sat on the bike and his work m8 took a pic on his phone

    Hi ten the bike is grate and the police have bin spot on with it

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