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    Ken Ferguson

    What do you think of your E RIDER?

    How has it changed your life?

    What do your friends think of it?

    How could it be improved?

    Post it here and at the end of the year the review judged to be most amusing will win a free battery!!!


    Ken Ferguson

    Here’s one that was emailed in.

    “At one time I was a biker with a 650twin Ariel but that was long ago. The E-rider was for my birthday (74th to be exact) and it was great to get on a “bike” again. The Erider bike is easy to handle and steer. I find it good for shopping with the space it has, also for taking books back to the library. With its size it is easy to put it in the bike racks which are often covered in. The main thing is that it is very cheap to run but difficult to keep others from using it. JohnD”


    Have had the E-Rider for a few weeks now and I have nothing but the highest praise for it! I cannot believe so many people have never even heard or seen of these! I use it all the time to travel about locally and everyone whom I show it too is always highly impressed and initially disbelieving that it’s only class as a common bicycle!
    The best advantage I’ve found is that it’s helped no end with my coaching in athletics! In the past if accompany the younger runners in our group on my bicycle and more often than not I’d struggle to keep up, pedalling away furiously just to keep up with them, particularly up hill! Now I just breeze along, nice and relaxed while they are tirelessly running alongside me!
    I really recommend the e-rider to those young or old and I think it’s a terrific product that could get younger riders road-wise without them being able to tear about too fast! My 13 year old nephew is anxiously awaiting his 14th birthday in March! At which point I know I’ll get countless texts asking to borrow it!

    Superb piece of equipment, brilliant made and styled and I could not recommend it more highly!

    First class service to boot!


    I have had my E Rider for about six months and it has saved me a packet. We used to have two cars and were struggling to keep them on the road. When mine failed its MOT and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed I sold it and bought the E Rider.

    That was a brilliant decision. My part time job is five miles from home. It doesn’t take me long to get there on the bike and there is no trouble with parking. There is enough space under the seat and in the box for everything I need.

    When I am not working I use it to go to the shops, library and to see friends. People are always asking about it.

    With car tax, insurance, petrol, MOT and servicing the car used to cost me at least £35 a week. Maybe more than that. The bike doesn’t cost anything except a few pence to re-charge the battery.

    I love it.

    Jim Mills

    Jan asked what I thought of the E Rider and how long it took to assemble so here goes.

    I think it took me a couple of hours, but I wasn’t hurrying and had a couple of cups of tea while I was looking and thinking. I am fairly practical and I had the necessary tools ready so all that was good. Most of the assembly is really easy and it was no trouble following the instructions.

    The only things I found were that there wasn’t very much space to get the steering bolt in and tighhtened up properly. I was a bit nervous about pushing the plastic trim apart too much in case I damaged it. In fact it wasn’t really a problem.

    Getting the spring on the side stand was a bit hard. The spring is strong. My son-in-law did it for me.

    Now it is together the family think it looks brilliant and so do I. It is having its first long charge and tomorrow I will take it for a test run. Looking forward to it.

    Ellen Nicholson

    This thing is better than having a dog and I don’t even have to take a poop bag. Loads of people want to stop and talk about it. I go out on it just to have a ride around when I haven’t got anywhere I need to go.

    I am going to find out about how you get money back for introducing new buyers.


    Hi Jim

    The side stand spring is strong isn’t it? It has to be or it would stretch when you use the stand.

    There is a tip which might be useful to others and we are going to put it into our assembly instructions.

    Get a length of strong cord. Place the bike on its centre stand. Make a loop in one end and put that into the top of the spring. Next wind the other end of the cord round the pedal spindle. With the loose end of the cord firmly held and the pedal at the top turn the pedal and the spring will be stretched. When the top of the spring is in line with its top anchorage point press it into line and gently release the tension. This procedure is easier if done by two people.


    Sorry the system won’t let me upload the pictures. I hope the description is good enough.


    Well Ellen I hadn’t seen the E Rider as a way of making friends, but I agree it is a definite head turner and people are curious about it. We have what we call the ‘Customer Advocate’ system. If we sell an E Rider from an introduction you make we will pay you a commission. Send us a message through the contact page on this website and we will give you all the details.


    My bike isnt an E-Rider, but it is identicle,
    thanks loads for the tip on how to get the side stand on, my main stand is broken so isnt usable, I rest the bike against a wall which has made the mirrors loose and wobbly.
    Hopefully now with this tip il finally be able to get the side stand on and possibly ordering some new mirrors.
    I had been hating my E-bike since the day it arrived but thanks to E-Rider im slowly starting to love it.
    I just wish id bought an E-rider in the first place.


    Hi Luci_ferson

    Welcome to our community forum and thank you for your kind comments.

    It sounds to me as though your centre stand may not be completely broken, but the ‘V’ shaped locator which is welded to the side of the stand has detached. We deal with this in our ‘User Manual and Assembly Instructions’. This is the guidance we give:

    “When you wish to park your bike you can use either the centre or side stands. On the left side of the stands you will find a triangular piece which assists you in locating the stand with your foot. Having located the stand, slide your foot to the main body of the stand. Do not place full weight on the triangular locator as this may cause the weld to fail. If you are using the centre stand, grip the bike by the handle on the rear carrier and lift as you press down on the stand. The bike will lift quite easily into its park position.”

    If I am right that your locator has broken off you should still be able to get the bike up onto its centre stand by using the technique above.

    Of course we will be happy to supply replacement mirrors for you if necessary, but your mirrors may be wobbly just because they need tightening.If you grip the nut on the underside of the mirror arm fixing with your fingers or a spanner and then rotate the arm clockwise it will tighten. When it is tight enough let go of the nut and continue to turn the arm gently clockwise until it is in its correct position.


    Sorry for the double post , but I just noticed the chance to win a free battery.
    I technically don’t qualify for the competition as I am not lucky enough to own an E-rider and so cant write a review 🙁
    but after all the bad luck iv’e had with the bike I did buy, maybe i’l hit lucky for a change 🙂
    My bike has been nothing but a nightmare.
    Its caused so many troubles and worries that if I even mention it to my wife she gos in a mood .
    but like I say its not an E-rider , its one of the competitors bikes.
    yes it looks identicle, yes it has same specs, yes it probably came from same manufacturer.
    This is not where my problems are.
    My problems appear to have been caused by the bike being stored in a damp warehouse for months before being sold.
    Anyway in the hope of a free battery here is my review on a competitors identicle bike.

    In short, it arrived and was relatively simple to put together, for a short while (4 days )it was the best invention in the world.
    Then the battery fell appart, the stand snapped on a rusty joint, and the chain snapped whilst peddling up-hill with a car right behind me.
    Iv’e had that many problems with it that I wanted to throw it off a cliff but didn’t as it’d probably get me arrested and lead to more problems.
    Now I cant even mention the bike to my wife or she gos in a mood.
    I recently discovered E-rider and purchased a new battery.
    The difference is amazing, I no longer hate my bike, i’m starting to look forward to going out on it
    Its the same rubbish bike with its factory installed rust but now it feels usable, even if I can’t stand it up unless theres a wall to lean it on, and my mirrors are wobbly from being pressed against walls.
    I no longer want to throw it off a cliff, I now want to repair the wobbly mirrors and the broken stand.
    If i had bought a bike from E-rider I think my experience of these bikes would have been a lot better than it was.
    Now instead of feeling like i’m riding around on an electric deathtrap. I now feel like the cool granddad on his futuristic silent stealth bike.
    Like I said earlier though, this isn’t really a review on an E-rider bike because I wasn’t lucky enough to find them first, I bought from a competitor.
    So class this as a review on dealing with the competitor on an identicle bike. You’ve all seen them on ebay , the bikes might be identicle, they might even come from same manufacturer, but its not the same. Theres many differences.
    I could write a book on the faults with my bike, some of them are pretty scary but thanks to E-rider the main one has now been rectified (unsafe battery).
    I cant do nothing about the factory installed rust on a weak weld joint that caused my stand to snap, but with the help of E-rider I can repair my mirrors and finally get the side stand attached.
    So if your looking into buying one of these bikes it’d be advisable to get it from E-rider, if you don’t your likely to end up buying a lot of parts from them anyway.


    thanks for replying malpoet, but my centre stand is actually snapped off on the right side of the V one side is atached but the other isnt. the weld was done on rusty point so it just never took right in first place, since its tubular steel im unable to weld it myself so I just havent been using the stand.
    Inever got the side stand attached as i didnt have the strength to atach it, biut now ive been on your forums i know how to do that so il atach it and start using it .
    The mirrors are not loose at the joint where it meets the bike. its the joint what adjusts the mirrors, they loose because of how theyve been resting against walls etc. ive broken those myself through incorrect use .
    I can get the bike onto the center stand but since its snapped at one side, it just rocks too far back and wont support the weight.
    I can only assume the bike was stored in damp conditions prior to sale or it was just a poor weld to start with. the bike didnt come from E-rider .
    if it had come from erider im sure it would have been repaired quickly or replaced, the company i bought from was only interested in the sale and had 0 aftercare.


    sorry again for being annoying with volume of posts, but ive just been in the accessories section and cant find where to order mirrors. could you please give me some details on how much it is for a pair, as one has just fallen appart in my hands and the other isnt far behind it.

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Luci_ferson

    Not annoying at all.

    Sorry to hear your tale of woe and it does reinforce the importance, when purchasing an electric bike, of dealing with a reputable Company. It is certainly true that a number of the Chinese manufacturers of electric scooters source common components from the same suppliers but this does not at all mean that the overall quality of the bikes they produce is the same.

    It may seem smart to buy a cheap, poor quality product from an Ebay trader but this is likely to prove costly in the long run and this tale is told countless times in various internet forums.

    As you have had such a bad time, we will send you a set of our mirrors and trust that they will fit.

    Best wishes


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