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    i have the e rider 15 and my battry dose not seem to last that long i have to charge it every day tho i always peddol i dont use the throttle dose anyone else have the same issue is there any advice u can give me thanks


    The battery ought to give at least one hour of riding time which is plenty for me. Charging it every day is a good thing, but running it until it cuts out is quite bad for the battery. Lithium ion batteries like to be run and charged regularly, but they can be damaged by being run until they cut out too often. I don’t pedal much myself. I find that the bike goes along nicely on the throttle and I only pedal to help it a bit up hill if it is slowing down.


    Upon recieving and building my erider i can say i am happy with the bike apart from a dodgy charging port and no front brake cable? Were do you get spares from?


    u can buy spears from e rider i recommend u contact them on the phone number prvided they will be able to help u out

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Bill

    Dan’s right we hold stock of all the spare parts. Sorry to hear of your brake cable- we will send a replacement.


    Ken Ferguson

    Carriage to Northern Ireland is a bit more expensive than to mainland UK and we have not had many orders from there. However we recently sold a Model 15 to a man in County Antrim and he emailed as follows.

    “My second day using my bike and I have never had as much fun and still kept my clothes on”

    So if anyone in NI is interested in a Test Ride just let me know and I will put you in touch.


    just got my e rider bike delivered yesterday .what can I say .its perfect .for someone who cant ride a moped due to autism it truly is next best thing to a moped .its smooth quiet etc .lights are fantastic on it .if your thinking of getting a bike id choose an erider over other bikes .ive had other electric bikes and some are rubbish .this ones spot on .thank you e rider bikes



    I have just purchased my E-Rider 15 today and am very much looking forward to receiving it. It will be lovely to be able to be able to enjoy the good weather on it.

    Just to ask have any of you taken a passenger on yours? And if so how was it?


    E-Rider 30 Moda – First ride out!

    E-Rider 30 Moda? Check! Arrived 20 May (great delivery – wheeled up to my door at 9am, fully charged)
    Helmet? Check! SHARP 5* rated Caberg Duke Hi-Vis arrived 26 May (great service from Sportsbikeshop.co.uk)
    Registration? Check! Arrived 2 June (just 2 weeks – great service from DVLA)
    Insurance? Check! Done online in a few minutes with Lexham Insurance (lexhaminsurance.co.uk)
    Number plate? Check! While you wait at Halfords, whose plastic number plate nuts and bolts were just fine for the bracket.

    And I was off, for a quick test run around the quiet South London streets!

    First impressions:
    – Very responsive. This is nothing like a petrol moped where it’s not so much twist-and-go as twist-count to three-and-go: we were off like a shot every time!
    – So quiet. You can hear the wind in your helmet and not much else.
    – Great braking. Lots of corners round here, so really needed it.
    – Good suspension. Not spongy, not harsh – just right for speed bumps.
    – Remember those indicators! Need to pay attention if you don’t have an audio reminder, but it probably would spoil the quiet ride.
    – Beep beep! No, they can’t hear you coming, so you need to use your horn.
    – Lights on! Great LED lights that are bright enough to be worth keeping on in the daytime so people can see you.

    And this is just the start…
    Commuting begins this week.


    Ken Ferguson

    Hi David

    Thanks for posting your review- it really means a lot to us and to potential future customers. Also great to hear your positive comments on the Moda. I have been driving mine for almost a year and it is so much fun to ride I still find myself “creating” journeys just so I can take it out!!

    As you say the indicators are not self cancelling or audible so it is important to remember to switch them off. I have developed a technique of keeping my thumb on the indicator switch until the maneuver has been completed and the indicator switched off. We used to have audible indicators on the Model 15 but stopped using them as some customers did not like the fact that the noise drew attention to them.

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    Ken Ferguson


    Well I have used my model 15 for a few days and it’s actually been superb. Had a few hiccups setting up but it’s exceeded all expectations on the road.
    Having had my licence revoked due to epilepsy I have been car less since November. I am now mobile again. Unless someone’s been there they won’t know the inconvenience.
    I decided to use a crash helmet due to my illness. The local bike dealer is actually the Harley Davidson show room for this region!! Staff were superb and have helped with helmet selection. The bike was well commented upon by them. All positive.
    I really am amazed at how good this is.
    If we had the storage I think the whole family would want one each!

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    just brought a used e30 spedo not working as it should. does anyone know how to correct this. also the horn where is it located. and and more question it has 1700 miles on the clock when do the batters need replacing and where do you get them and price.
    thanks in advance alan

    Paul IOM

    Hi Alan, when you say speedo “not working as it should” do you mean it isn’t working at all? or is working but the needle is jumping around?.

    If it simply isn’t working it is likely to be the cable, E Rider should be able to supply one for you and it is fairly simple to fit, if it is jumping around it simply needs the cable greasing.

    The horn is located behind the large front plastic panel which is below the headlight.

    Batteries are easy to find online, at you nearest golf buggy or mobility scooter dealer, or via E Rider, I assume you have the early version of the Model 30 which has sealed lead-acid batteries? if so they are 12v 20ah batteries of which there are 5 in total, these are widely available, but need to be ‘deep cycle’ batteries specifically designed for electric vehicles and not just standard batteries.

    Hope this helps.

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Paul

    Thanks once again for this.

    I know we have Model 30 speedometers in stock- send us an email if you need one.


    Just did my first long distance ride and it was fab. Rode 12k up some steep hills. Bike kept a steady 37kph all the way. Spent a few hours doing a lifeguard test then rode home in a pretty decent head wind another 12k. Didn’t even dent the charge and the long downhills were fun as were the two motorway junctions I had to negotiate around both ways. (I was riding parallel to the M4 not on it!). Oh yes, being mobile again is fantastic.
    I did get burned up on the straight by a triathlete on his road bike who pulled parallel for a chat – turned out to be a guy I know!

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