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When it comes to electric vehicles, so many naturally assume that owning one is anything but affordable.

Taking a look at the likes of hybrid and fully electric cars on the road and it’s easy to see just why so many believe that all electric vehicles are pricey.

Despite a bikes considerable price dip in comparison to cars, electric bikes are often placed in the same category and ticked off the list as unaffordable and merely a dream.

 Good Quality Bikes At Affordable Prices 

Here at E Rider however, we want to bust that myth by showing you that actually, quality electric bikes are incredibly affordable.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a bike outright with a lump sum or looking for something even more affordable such as our leasing program, we have a bike for you.

 Affordable E Rider Bikes

One of the things we’re most proud of here at E Rider, affordability and quality product aside, is the fact that we offer such a great range of bikes.

Not only do we offer electric mopeds, but we also provide electrically assisted bikes, motorbikes and even cargo bikes.

Which Electric Bike Is Right For You?

When it comes to finding your ideal electric bike, it’s worth deciding what it is you need from said bike. Will you be commuting to and from work? Will you be using it recreationally to socialise with friends, shooting from your home to theirs? Will you be running errands on it?

Will you be using it as part of your delivery business? Once you’ve decided what it is you’re looking for, you can then start browsing the different categories available.

Affordable Electric Bikes

If you’re a younger rider and only looking for something to take you back and forth to your friend’s house, or perhaps even along the high street, then you’ll most definitely enjoy the freedom an Electric Bike brings you.

From the Model 18 Electric bike to the Model 15, you can enjoy safer speeds of 15mph and a fantastic range of 45 miles per fully charged battery.

That’s incredible freedom for those still waiting to come of age to get a bike license. These bikes start from £1,345 and do not legally require a license or insurance making them not only cheap to purchase initially but also incredibly cheap to run too. Looking for something with a little more power?

Then an electric moped is the perfect next step

Side View Of Dark Grey Electric Moped

Cheap Electric Mopeds

Electric mopeds are the perfect commuter’s choice. All offering speeds of 30mph which let’s face it, is still fairly unachievable within the inner city confines, they’re the ideal choice for those wanting an environmentally and economically friendly option for the commute.

These also offer a great range with a 72 volt lithium battery which means in most cases, no need for daily charging. With prices starting from £1,495 for the Model 30 City or monthly lease agreements from just £80, even our more powerful bikes are looking more affordable than ever.

Electric Motorbikes Are Now In Sight

We get that for most, 30mph speed limits are fine but what about the bike connoisseurs amongst us? What about those looking for a little more speed and a little more range to replace their current motorbike completely? You’ll be pleased to know we have those available too.

With 3 different models available, it’s our Model 75 that really steals the show offering speeds of up to 75mph and 0-50 in just four seconds. This model, with such power and capability is available at just £4,745 or better still, available via our lease program for just £200 per month.

Looking for something even cheaper still? Then check out our Model 50 at just £3,245 or our Model 40 at just £2,745.

These prices are even more affordable than some petrol run motorbikes yet still offer you incredible power and the chance to save hundreds of pounds when it comes to road tax, insurance and of course, running costs with charging costing just pennies in comparison. 

Electric Cargo Bikes Are The Ideal Delivery Bike

When it comes to business, saving just a few pennies here and there matters but with electric cargo bikes, you could find your business saving hundreds, if not thousands of pounds (depending on the size of your fleet).

That being said, the initial outlay is always going to be a factor but when they’re as affordable as our incredible models, it makes all the difference. Just check out our Model 18 from £1,895 or our Model 30 at £2,745.

Both of these have the capabilities you need to ensure your delivery service remains steady and reliant for your customers while offering you the economical savings you’ve been looking for. 

 Get In Touch With E Rider Today

Electric vehicles may have a reputation for being expensive and unaffordable but when you look beyond the myth and actually get down to the facts, you’ll see that’s simply not the case. If you’d like more information on our electric bikes or better yet, our incredible lease scheme, simply contact us today on 01928 583030.


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