Five Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Bike

The E-Rider Moda

Are you thinking about switching your mode of transport to an electric bike, getting one for a family member or friend, or curious as to what is driving the electric vehicle revolution?

Here, we outline what we think are five pretty good reasons to take the electric plunge.


 1. Lower your cost of ownership

Riding an electric bike makes you completely exempt from a number of charges applicable to owners of petrol-driven vehicles. Say goodbye to road tax, MOT expenses, parking charges and rising fuel costs, and say hello to more cash in your pocket.


2. Drive anywhere

Because legally, electric bikes are classified as bicycles, you can drive them in bus lanes, cycle paths and pretty much anywhere else. So while you get to skip a number of vehicle charges, you get access to more parts of the road. Sounds like a good deal to us – pretty handy to avoid traffic too!


3. Reduce your carbon footprint

We could all do a bit more to help reduce our impact on the environment, right? With electric bikes and scooters, you can. Because they don’t run on petrol, they give off no carbon emissions, meaning you  lower your carbon footprint dramatically. Imagine if everybody drove an electric bike, the planet would be a far healthier place, climate change would ease up and traffic would be a thing of the past too!


4. Increase your safety on the road

When you switch to an electric bike from a traditional bicycle, you actually become far safer than the average cyclist. The reduced speed and acceleration rates, increased visibility and improved breaks all help to lower your risk of an accident.


5. Have fun and look great!

Not only are electric bikes cost-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, we think they’re fun to ride and look great too. At E-Rider, there are nine designs for you to choose from, meaning we have a model that suits your performance, design and cost preferences.

See the range here, or contact us for more information.