When it comes to electric scooters and electric mopeds, one of the most frequently asked questions surrounds driving licenses and which one you need to possess in order to legally ride one.

Electric Bike License Guide

For many, this can be an incredibly confusing topic and rightly so. Depending on the bike you choose and its capabilities, the license you need (if at all), can vary greatly. To help give you all the information you need, we’ve compiled this guide to show you exactly what you need and with what bike. Let’s break it down.

What Is Your Electric Scooter Classed As? 

Electric Bicycles/Speed Pedelecs:

The term speed pedelec refers to any electric bike that’s capable of going over 15.5mph or has what’s known as a pedal rating above 250w. Some speed bikes can help assist the rider to up to 28mph, which is why they have fast become a fantastic option for those looking for a clean city commuter vehicle.

Speed pedelecs or s-pedelecs as they’re also referred to are placed within the L1e category of road vehicles and will inevitably require registration with the DVLA if you intend on using them on public roadways. This means that not only will the bike need a European certificate of conformity but you’ll also need a minimum of third party road insurance, a crash helmet and a CBT in order to ride it.

As these bikes will be considered ‘road bikes’, despite having pedals, they will not be allowed in cycle lanes and will be subjected to the same laws as any petrol engine motorbike


Electric Mopeds/Electric Scooters:

The next category up from electric pedal bikes and speed pedelecs are electric mopeds and electric scooters. Generally speaking, electric mopeds and scooters are limited to speeds of around 30mph or 45kmh. You could compare these to your average Honda 50cc petrol moped that offers similar speeds and power.

With similar speeds and power, the license requirement is also of a similar nature, requiring riders to be at least 16 years of age with a current CBT certificate or the category AM or P on their current drivers license. These are also classed as L1e-B, the same as speed pedelecs.

Drivers who passed their driving test before 2001 will have categories AM and/or P on their license; those with a full motorcycle license can also escape the requirement for a CBT license. If however, your electric scooter or moped offers speeds in excess of 30mph, things change slightly.

With higher speeds comes a higher age requirement. Riders will be required to be a minimum of 17 years of age, or above with a current CBT certificate or full motorcycle driving license.



Electric Motorbikes:

Electric motorbikes offer speeds above and beyond 30mph. Here at E Rider, some of our electric motorbikes offer speeds of up to 75mph.

Once again, with bikes offering speeds such as this, riders must be a minimum of 17 years of age and must have passed either a CBT test or a full motorcycle license in order to drive one.

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Here at E Rider, we know only too well that licenses and bikes are a great source of confusion.

With the help of the world wide web, it’s all too easy to find a huge amount of misleading information which is why we decided to create this guide for you. We hope this article will help provide you with a little clarity, offering the answers you need in order to ride an electric scooter safely and legally.

We offer a range of electric mopeds and electric scooters, along with electric bikes and even higher powered electric motorbikes. If you’d like more information on bike licenses, along with the required bike license that you’ll need for each individual bike within our product range, simply contact our incredible team today.

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