Model 18 Cargo Electric Delivery Scooter


The Model 18 has been our most popular bike for the last three years but we have had issues in the supply chain and the bike has been out of stock since January.

The Model18 is now manufactured in Europe and have now secured a limited supply of bikes due for delivery and we are offering these to customers at

a special PREORDER price of £1795.

That represents an excellent discount of £400 from the list price.

We do not expect we will have enough supply to satisfy the likely demand so if you want one of these fantastic bikes we strongly recommend you place your order as soon as possible.

The Model 18 Cargo Delivery Bike is the perfect solution for the courier or fast food delivery rider. Like our other electric bikes the Model 18 works through a simple twist-and-go handlebar accelerator which is limited to a top speed of 15mph.

Because, legally, the Model 18 is in the same class as bicycles rather than petrol driven vehicles, if you are over 14 years of age you can drive on roads, cycle tracks, bus lanes anywhere you like really.

Because there is no need for specialist insurance the Model 18 Cargo is the lowest cost option for delivery drivers.

Compared to our other bikes the new Model 18 Cargo Bike has a 48V 20ah Lithium battery giving the bike increased power and a range up to 45 miles. It is also removable for charging  and this is particularly useful for delivery drivers.

For security the bike is fitted with an electronic alarm.


The Model 18 will normally be delivered partially assembled but can be delivered fully assembled for an additional £95.


As mentioned above, we have had a variety of logistical problems with the production of Model 18 bikes this year but the good news is that they have begun rolling off the production line in our new factory.

The first batch is due to be delivered to us around the middle of September and we would expect to fulfil all pre orders by the end of this month.

There are still a few of these bikes available to pre order and we expect a second delivery in November.



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