Electric Mopeds For Adults UK – The Ultimate Guide

Side View Of Black Electric Moped

Electric mopeds have been around for many years now but despite their continued presence and ever-growing popularity, there’s still a lot of confusion. The confusion we’re talking about surrounds the legal side of things.

While the roads may not necessarily be littered with electric scooters (yet), there are still enough on the road without the required licenses, MOT, insurance documents and more importantly, without a crash helmet.

Comparison of Electric Moped Specs

ModelMotorBatterySpeedDistanceLoadTyresBrakesCharge Time
30 City2000W Brushless DC Hub Motor72V 20Ah Lithium ION Battery45km/h70km180kgs10″x 3.5Disc Brake Front & Rear6-8 Hours
30 Moda2000W Brushless DC Hub Motor72V 20Ah Lithium ION Battery45km/h80km180kgs10″x 3.5Disc Brake Front & Drum Brake Rear6-8 Hours
30 Roma3000W Brushless DC Hub Motor72V 25Ah Lithium ION Battery45km/h80km180kgs12″x 3.5Disc Brake Front & Rear6-8 Hours

The Legal Lowdown On Electric Mopeds

So is it legal that countless people ride electric mopeds without licenses, insurances and crash helmets? To clear it up, we’re giving you the legal lowdown on electric mopeds. We’re going to make it super clear on what you do need, what you don’t and where you stand with the law.

The Requirements For An Electric Moped

By definition, an electric moped has no pedals unlike its electrically assisted pedal bike sibling. It’s powered solely by an electric motor and look almost identical in every respect to the standard petrol engine scooters you see on a day-to-day basis. They aren’t just similar in appearances either, as the law states they must be treated in exactly the same way as a normal scooter or moped would be. That means in order to be fully road legal, you must:

  • You legally able to ride an electric scooter at the age of 16, under the L1e category if the speed is restricted to 30mph.
  •  If you are 16 or over, you must ensure you have a standard provisional driving license along with compulsory basic training, otherwise known as a CBT. That is unless you obtained a full driving license before the 1st February 2001.
  • After obtaining your compulsory basic training, you must have L plates displayed on your electric moped. Once again, if you obtained your license before 1st February 2001, you don’t need to do this either.
  • While the cost of vehicle tax is nil, you must still apply for it for your specific vehicle.
  • The electric moped in question must not only be type approved and registered with the DVLA but also be displaying license plates.
  • Once the vehicle is three years old, you must have an MOT certificate for the vehicle, the same as you would with any other vehicle. This ensures it’s still safe and road worthy.
  • You must also have valid insurance at all times.
  • You must wear a safety helmet at all times.

A Few Things To Remember

Without complying to these rules, you are breaking the law and may find yourself facing the force of legal action. Putting aside the simple fact of your own safety, by sticking to the above guidelines, you’re helping to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and other road users around you.

With their eco-friendly status thanks to a distinct lack of carbon emissions, plus their lower fuels costs, electric mopeds are by far the better option, lets not forget however, that they require the same licensing, MOT certificates and more, as others. For more information on our range of electric mopeds and bikes, from the amazing Model 30 Roma to the Model 30 Moda, simply contact us today on 01928 58 3030.