Why vehicle security is increasing?

With a huge number of bikes being stolen in the UK every day, moped and motorbike security is unsurprisingly at the top of every riders to do list.

Whether it’s stolen by joy riders or worse still, stolen to order, ensuring you have a secure method for leaving your bike when you’re at work is paramount.

Despite the daily threats, so many people leave their bikes unsecured. This makes them an incredibly easy target for thieves.

The more security measures you make, the better. To help, we’ve listed the best ways to ensure your bike is secure wherever you need to leave it during working hours. Let’s start with the obvious…

Electric Bike/Moped Security

Leave Your Moped or Bike in Secure Parking/Garage

This is the obvious choice for all. Whether you store it in a garage at your place of work or you’re blessed with secure parking, chances are, you won’t need to worry about your bike while you’re sat behind your desk.

If you aren’t able to leave your electric moped in a garage however, we still advise locking your motorbike to something immovable even when using secure parking.

This added touch of security will take you an extra 30 seconds but is likely to mean the difference between your bike being stolen and a thief deciding to leave well alone should they enter the premises.

Vehicle Part Marking

Many now mark separate parts of their motorbike with the vehicles VIN number, the vehicle registration and the owners postcode.

By marking every part of your bike, you make it more difficult to break down and sell, making it more off putting when it comes to stealing it. Whether you use a simple UV pen or something more sophisticated as Datatag, the choice is yours.

Disc Locks for Mopeds & Bikes

A mobile disc lock passes through the brake disc, securing it in place with a lock and key. This makes a bike very difficult to move as the wheel is prevented from moving forward or back.

The best you can do is ensure you have a quality disc lock. Make sure it’s made from steel or a steel alloy. You’ll also want multiple keys and a carry case.

They also often come with an alarm when tampered with. Last but not least, make sure it’s very brightly coloured to serve as a visual reminder of its presence.

Alarms & Immobilisers

An insurance approved alarm and immobilisers combination can be a great deterrent for thieves. Having a professionally fitted alarm can not only be off putting but can often scupper plans to steal a bike when the alarm sounds unexpectedly. You may even find another added benefit in the form of lower insurance.

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