There is no doubt that this appalling Covid 19 virus is affecting us in many ways and with the current shutdown our economy is gradually grinding to a halt. It seems as if there is no easy fix and it is likely we are going to have to learn to live with it.

But at E Rider business continues to be good and, with the growth in home deliveries, our cargo bikes have been particularly popular. All over the country electric mopeds are being used to deliver groceries and food to customers unable to leave their homes and all of these journeys are silent and carbon neutral. We are even renting our cargo bikes so delivery riders do not even need capital to get going.

There is no doubt that electric mopeds have generally been slower to take off in the UK than in the rest of Europe and that is largely a function of the fact that moped use has never been as widespread here as it has been in Italy, Spain etc. However we are hopeful that one positive effect of this virus will be to kick start the electric moped market. 

Because are people going to want to continue to be crammed into buses and trains for the essential journeys they need to make?

It is glaringly obvious that trains, tube trains and buses are clear risks of infection with large numbers of people coming into contact with the same surfaces and breathing together in a confined space. 

But public transport has always been seen as the cheapest form of transportation. Well “do the math” as they say in the US.

Compare the cost of your daily commute with the cost and running costs of an E Rider electric bike or moped and you might be surprised at the savings you could make.