Twist and Go electric bikes often create a huge amount of confusion within the UK. Are they legal? What licenses are required? What modifications are allowed, if any?

While there are still a number of groups within the UK modifying their ‘pedlecs’ to allow for a twist and go function without the need to pedal at all, these can and are often very dangerous modifications. 

Thankfully for us, technology has come a long way allowing for twist and go electric bikes that possess a fully integrated battery enabling it to reach speeds of up to 15.5mph without the need to pedal and what’s more, they’re entirely legal. The question is, which pedal assisted bikes are legal?

Twist And Go Pedlecs: The Law

When it comes to the law surrounding electric bikes, updates were made as recently as 2016. This was to offer a little clarity for the general public and ensure the UK kept in line with the rest of the European Union’s legislation.

  • Any electrically assisted pedlecs produced since 2016 would need to have a throttle feature that enabled the rider to limit it to just 3.7mph. This was simply to help those less able to begin their journey from a standstill.
  • Once the pedal assisted bikes were going over 3.7mph, the motor would cut out until the rider began pedalling. The motor would then activate once more and assist riders up to a maximum of 15.5mph. There are numerous benefits to riding bikes limited to just 15.5mph with the main benefit being no DVLA registration is required, nor any licence needed.
  • This means people as young as 14 can ride a twist and go pedlec.

From the Model 18 to the Model 15, we have a range of pedal assisted pedlecs to choose from. The question is, do they offer enough power for your specific requirements?

Twist And Go Bikes That Surpass 15.5mph

While pedlecs are fantastic, they may not meet everyone’s needs; especially those with a slightly longer commute perhaps or those looking to use busier roads. For those with the need for a little more power and speed, there are twist and go e-bikes capable of over 15.5mph.

Going over this speed however, means it automatically gets classed as a moped. This requires not only registration with the DVLA but also the rider using the vehicle to hold a minimum of a CBT license. 

Otherwise known as speed pedlecs, these will usually assist riders up to 28mph (with a little extra added pedal power) making them ideal for shorter commutes and residential roads.

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While there are of course pedal assisted twist and go bikes that offer these speeds, the vast majority tend to opt for electric mopeds and scooters. Here at E Riders, we have a range of electric mopeds and scooters, starting from as little as £1,495 for the Model 30 City. 

For more information on our twist and go electric bikes, simply contact us today on 01928 583030 today.


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