e30 electric bikeAs the electric bike revolution steadily picks up pace, we’re being asked more and more questions about the electric bikes and their advantages. So, we thought we’d take some time out to put together a blog that brings all the answers to your burning questions in one place.


How good are electric bikes for the environment?

Electric bikes, electric mopeds and electric motorbikes are great for the environment! Powered by a renewable source of energy, they don’t release any harmful gases that petrol-driven vehicles would. This works to lower your carbon footprint to negligible levels and contributes to a guilt-free riding experience.


How fast can electric bikes go?

The average speed of an electric bike is around 20 mph. But some of our models go as fast can go as fast as 30 mph, allowing you to easily keep up with the pace of other road users and get where you need to be both quickly and safely.


How much do electric bikes cost to run?

Aside from the initial investment in the bike itself, electric bikes are incredibly cheap to run. The average battery takes between 4-8 hours to reach a full charge and has a range of anywhere up to 50 miles. All in all, electric bikes cost less than a penny per mile to power. On top of that, when compared to a road bike, many electric bikes are exempt from road tax, insurance and compulsory servicing costs, amounting to substantial savings!


Are electric bikes covered by a warranty?

We can’t talk for all electric bikes but at E-Rider, our bikes are covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty. This applies to all components including the battery, so you can ride your bike without a care in the world, knowing that you’re covered.


All sounds great, but can I try an electric bike before I buy it?

Of course! We’re far more than a bike designer and manufacturer, we’re a community. We have loyal riders up and down the country who are more than willing to let you take their E-Rider out for a spin before you decide to purchase. Just click here and enter your postcode to find the nearest test drive to you.


Should I get an electric bike?

If you want a stylish and fun mode of transport that doesn’t impact the environment and puts the pounds back in your pocket, then absolutely! The only thing left for you to do is choose your model. You can see our range here.

We appreciate this blog won’t provide answers to all your electric bike questions. So, if there’s something you’d like to know, simply post it in the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

4 thoughts on “Electric Bikes: Your Questions Answered…

  1. Angela says:

    Hi l have purchased an E rider model 15 just waiting for it to come,was wanting to know if it comes with a back plate showing voltage and output or do you need to buy this separate

  2. Gareth Bryon says:

    Is there a model please that will allow a passenger to sit behind the rider. My wife and I have bought a motorhome and need to be able to travel from campsites into towns. Thanks.

    • Aaron Cole says:

      Hi Gareth. Yes of course, the Moda, Model 15, Model 30 City and Rondo can all take passengers. Let me know if you have any more questions, thanks!

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