Have you been considering going electric? Are you fed up of the cold weather? Here, we outline why spring could be the right time for you to pick up an electric bike.

The Improved Weather

It seems like an age ago when the weather was nice, you didn’t have to worry about deicing your car and wearing shorts was a reality as opposed to a distant memory. Here’s some good news: spring is only just around the corner, and there’s never been a better time to get an electric bike!

Picture stepping outside, getting on your new electric bike and feeling the spring breeze while you glide across the roads…Beats your standard winter commute, right?

The Environment

There’s more attention than ever being placed on ways governments, businesses and individuals can reduce their impact on the environment to improve quality of life for us now, and for generations to come. Environmental initiatives like the T-Charge for petrol-driven vehicles and Pass on Plastic are a sign that the protection of the environment is being taken evermore seriously, and you can do your bit too by going electric!

With an electric bike from E-Rider, you can substantially reduce your carbon footprint while also enjoying the economic benefits of electric transport. Our bikes cost only 1p per mile to run and many come free of license, tax, insurance and registration fees, allowing you to save both the planet and your money!

The Big E-Rider Spring Sale!

At E-Rider, we like to keep the sales coming, and this Spring will be no different. For a limited time only, get £300 off any Moda, Rondo, Model 15, Model 30 City or E-Shopper electric bike. Just make your choice and enter the code SPRING 18 at the checkout, simple as that.

If you need any information on any of electric bikes, please get in contact with us at [email protected].