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The E Shopper


The E Shopper is a hybrid electric bike/scooter and has all the safety features of a scooter wing mirrors, indicators, LED lights, brake light and electronic alarm but it looks and feels like a bike to ride.

It runs beautifully on the throttle alone but can also be pedaled if you prefer. Indeed it is good for the motor if you help it with the pedals when setting off and on steep hills but, otherwise, the choice is yours.

Many thousands of these bikes have been sold worldwide and we have the exclusive rights to sell it in the UK. It is practical and reliable- perfect for a short commute or a trip to the shops.

The E Shopper comes almost fully assembled and there are simple instructions and tools provided to complete the assembly process.

The E Shopper is covered by the EAPC regulations so the rider does not require a licence, insurance or helmet. There is nothing else to pay- no Road Tax or registration fees. The lithium battery can be removed from the bike for charging. The bike will travel up to 55 kilometres on its 250 Watt motor at a top speed of around 25KPH. 

The E Shopper is priced at £1195

We are currently offering a £400 discount off the price of the E Shopper in our Spring Sale.

Use the Coupon Code SUMMER at checkout and you will pay just

£795 including standard delivery



Price(GBP): £1,195.00



Price(GBP): £1,195.00


Alternatively you can LEASE an E Shopper for just £50 per month.


User Guide & Assembly Instructions

Download the User Guide and Assembly Instructions for the E Shopper


If you do not want to undertake the final assembly of your bike we can deliver it fully assembled and ready to ride for the additional cost of £95. 

Add this service to your order below.


Full Assembly And Delivery

Price(GBP): £95.00



Motor: 250W brushless hub motor
Battery: 36V 10Ah Lithium battery
Recharge times: 1000 times
Max Speed: 25km/h
Tire size: 22″x 1.95″
Brake system: Front clamp brake,rear drum brake
Lighting system: LED headlight,rear brake lights,turning signal lights and wheel reflectors.

LCD display

Audible alarm with remote control
N.Weight(incl. battery): 40kgs
G.weight(incl. battery): 45kgs
Loading capacity: 140kgs
Autonomy/Range per charge: 45-55km
Charging time: 4-8 hours from flat
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Accessories: Charger,pedals,rear-view mirrors,front basket tool kits manual.
Packing size: 1620*280*900mm(L*W*H)