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    Hi, the erider 15 special edition bikes were delivered yesterday evening (me and a friend have one each). We’ve managed to build the first one and everything is fine apart from the nose cone. We’re finding it impossible to attach at the moment. Some screws were sent through the post before delivery as we were told they might be missing from the delivery which they were. They don’t seem long enough? We can’t get the to screw in to attach the nose cone. Also the nose cone doesn’t seem to fit ‘sit’ quite right where it joins the handlebar section. Not sure whether this would be resolved if we can get it screwed on. Has anyone else had a similar problem are the screws too short or is there a ‘knack’ of getting it on?

    Paul IOM

    Hi Katie, I would suggest dropping an email directly to Ken at E Rider, as I’m not sure he gets time to check the forums every day so he may not see this immediately.

    Hope you get sorted.

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Katie

    Picked this up and I’ll reply directly to you by email.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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