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    Like Ken I have been using my E Rider almost daily for more than six months and getting bad reactions from the public or police is certainly not my experience. I sometimes have people saying that I have forgotten my helmet and from time to time I have had a comment that I should not be in a bike lane, but nothing aggressive. I normally ignore comments, but once or twice I have explained the position and found people to be interested rather than hostile.

    Just recently I did have two motorcycle police wave me down. They were more curious than anything and it was a friendly encounter. They were quite honest that they had nothing to do while they were on duty for the Open Golf Championship so when they saw me pass silently by they wanted to investigate. They were not very familiar with the EAPC Regs, but they were happy for me to inform them and they went off very impressed with the bike.

    As Ken has pointed out no motor vehicle regulations apply to electric bikes and you are certainly not required to provide a breath sample. It is difficult to imagine that any police officers could be so poorly trained as to seriously make such a suggestion. What did the police officer think he could be giving you a warning about Jan? That is really ridiculous. In addition to your complaint I think it would be worthwhile contacting your local Police and Crime Commissioner to make them aware of the inadequacy of their officers.


    Following my earlier post I submitted a complaint yesterday to Northumbria Police regarding the totally unacceptable attitude of one of their Officers. I subsequently received a telephone call from a very pleasant female supervisor saying that the officer would be traced, interviewed and dealt with under their disciplinary code of practice. I accept that the harrowing experience I was subjected to was not typical of the average Police Officer yet it does undermine my confidence somewhat, as a law abiding citizen. It certainly did nothing to harbour good relations between the Police service and myself. I will post further once I have received Northumbria Police response to my complaint. Thanks.


    Hi, I dont own an E-rider bike, i bought a ********* bike instead. they actually look identicle.
    however this is where the similarity seems to end.
    the ********* scooter i bought only 6 months ago wasnt in the best condition when it arrived . it had poor weld joints on the stand which snapped within 5 days. and its chain also snapped. i had problems with the bike from the starts and tried to get a refund.
    however ebay dont guarantee purchases of vehicles and so i was stuck with a bike that was broken and not much use even though it was sold to me as brand new direct from the company.
    its battery and the rest of the bikes specifications are identicle to an E-rider and would appear to be the same bike other than the cosmetic logo.
    The bike may be identicle , but the battery certainly isnt and the customer service isnt either.
    Fun2ride were awfull to deal with and left me stuck with a bike that was unusable.
    thankfully ive bought a battery from E-Rider and fixed the chain . the difference in the bikes performance is massive.
    I can only assume the original battery was as faulty as the rest of the bike, i just wish id found E-Rider before I found *********
    theres not much I can do about the broken stand, I’m just glad ive now got a bike that is usable again.
    I use the bike daily twice a day to go to an allotment and back, which is 2 miles eachway. the original battery that came with the bike could get me there and back once but would then lose all power and if it was windy it wouldnt get me back.
    This new battery can get me there and back again twice, and still be left with enough to nip to the shop.
    Im now starting to love my electric bike.
    I just wish id found E-rider first


    hi I’ve heard all the comment on here so can’t wait to get my e rider which I will be riding to work which is about 11 mile there and 11 mile back now that’s going to be a experience I hope it can make it…

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Marco

    Welcome to the forum.

    As you may be aware the range of the E RIDER is not a precise measurement and depends on many factors including the terrain and the body weight of the rider. Many of our customers who use their E RIDER to commute purchase a spare charger which they keep at work. They then charge the battery while they are working so they have a full charge for the return journey.

    Doing this will also improve the longevity of the battery rather than running it down to flat too often.



    Hi all just want to introduce my self I’m Scott from Staffordshire I’m 47 and new to the electric bike world. I’ve been searching for some months for a bike that would suit my needs and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. I didn’t want to pay £2000 for a bike as I couldn’t justify it to either myself or the wife and the cheaper end of the market are just that cheap and not so good in my opinion and the other are just electric assist and I didn’t want to go that route either I wanted a throttle type not one I had to keep peddling. I have third stage kidney disease so I get tired very quickly so didn’t want to leave myself stranded and to tired to pedal home. Also I didn’t want the fold up type which seem to be the more affordable type as this just wasn’t my style so I thought about a motor scooter a little 50cc but again even though they are cheap to run etc there is still out lay for helmets clothing petrol insurance and tax so that bumps the price up too so I decided against that idea too. So imagine how pleased I was to find this bike. It looks like a scooter it’s throttle assist and it’s electric and has storage for all my little bits of shopping I need in the day. Just the job to ride to my doctors who are less than two miles away but still to far for me to walk and if I paid for a taxi that’s a fiver so this will be perfect for me. Can’t wait to get paid at the end of the month so I can lease one of these little beauty’s.


    Hi Scott I’m marco just like you I’m leasing electric scooter which will be here on Saturday 11 October I can’t wait I’ll fill u in on my first day experience bye for now.


    Hi macro thanks for the reply I look forward to hearing your review on the bike


    Hi, just want to know does the battery comes fully charged?

    Ken Ferguson

    No the battery needs to be fully charged before use. I will email you the User Guide and Assembly Instructions so you can study them prior to delivery of your bike.


    Hello everyone i would like to introduce my self im fahad khan from london, just purchased the E-Bike very easy to assemble it very fast delivery like next day wow that’s a amazing service and believe it or not i do not ride bikes but today ive took it to work on a main road riding 15mph nice and easy following the cycle lane, took me 15 mins to get to work usually i take the bus which takes me 20-25 mins so that even better on a bike nice and cold fresh air and enjoying the traffic in the morning but still getting my own space make me king of easy rider. Thank you E-Rider to give me the freedom of electric bikes wish you best of luck in future i cannot wait for the uk to change the law so atleast we can get speed of 30mph rather then 15mph.

    fahad ali khan


    I have been recommending the Model 14 like mad in my local area and am glad to see the update that they have now sold out.

    I hope you have the same success with the Model 15 and then the Model 30 (on release).

    I’m aware there is a lot of competition out there, but hope E-Rider continues to succeed.


    Hi all. I’m Sara the newbie, nice to meet u all and I’ve just purchased a eshopper. I’m so excited!!! I’ve been searching days on end for thee bike and I hope this is the one. I needed the type of bike for me and my 4 year old who hates to walk so I’m buying a yepp junior seat to sit on the back. It holds up to 140kg and other bikes I’ve looked at only holds max 100kg. with a growing child I didn’t want to take the chance. Has anyone got an eshopper?

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Sara

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for buying an E Shopper.

    The E Shopper is our new bike so I am the only person in the UK who has one at the moment. However the preorder sales have been going very well and there will be plenty on the road in a month or so.

    I’m sure you will be very happy with the bike and hope you will post a review in due course and a picture with you and your child on the back.




    Hi. I’m Mark Toner.

    I’m a science fiction publisher and I live in a solar=powered house in Dumfries, southwest Scotland. I just took delivery of my e-rider 30 today and I’ve started assembling it.

    I’d welcome any advice on the tricky little retaining bolt on the handlebars and those pesky tight springs on the legs. I think some hot water is required there as it’s subzero here and can’t be helping their stretchiness.

    Looking forward to getting my paperwork completed and taking my scooter on the road.

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