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    hi, loving my erider 15. i have noticed that one of my batteries (i have two) cuts off its power at 44v, the other keeps going all the way down to 41v, but it only manages 4 kmh at that point. i really dont know much about batteries and this seems like quite a large variation to me. can anyone explain why this happens please?

    the trip meter, i know this is a small item. i use my erider on a route i have travelled many times on a few different machines. it covers a distance of 16 miles, near enough 25 km. my trip meter shows the distance covered as 32 km. is this an error i can just ignore or does it indicate a fault?

    hope to hear from you soon

    Ken Ferguson

    The batteries have a power management system which cuts off the power in order to protect the lithium cells. It sound like the cut off is working a little differently on your different batteries. The Voltage starts about 54 volts and once it has fallen to around 45 volts you are really out of juice.

    Can’t really understand the trip meter discrepancy and range is dependent on a number of variables. I tend to think of it in terms of time- you should get around 1.5 hours of power so after about 45 minutes riding I start to think of where I am in relation to an accessible power socket.

    Anyway great to hear you’re loving the bike!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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