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    I am thinking or getting a Moda and was wondering if anybody knew if a full face helmet would fit under the seat?

    Also does anybody know if a pair of 12v heated gloves would work ok with this bike?

    Paul IOM

    The heated gloves should work fine as the lights etc are on a 12v circuit.

    Regarding helmet space, if you search the forum I’m sure this has been discussed before, from memory it is tight but certain helmets will fit.

    Ken Ferguson

    Morning Paul

    Yes you are quite correct some helmets will fit but not all.

    My advice would be to drive it to a helmet shop and try a few out.

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    Chris Cotton

    I was really hoping to get a helmet under the seat of my Moda but there’s very little chance of that. The shops only sell helmets that cover a lot of your head nowadays, presumably because the regulations seem to have been tightened up. I bought a helmet for my 10 year old daughter only a few weeks ago and the only options were either an open face item that covered the ears and the side of the face or a proper full face. Even though she took the XS/kid size of both helmets to try, neither fitted under the seat. I’m not really sure what sort of legal helmet would.

    That’s not to say it’s a small space though… I get plenty of things under there, it’s way bigger than what you can get under the seat of a sports bike! Also the seat back is a useful out the way spot to secure a second helmet using a bungee cord to the grad rail.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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