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    I’ve just been on my yearly christmas delivery ride postin all the cards that go to my town.
    I was just going over a bridge with cycle/pedestrian paths on both sides when I was pulled over by the law not my first time but this time it was different this time I had to fight to prove I had an electric bike.
    To start with the policeman stopped in his car on the bridge causing a tailback while we had our first engagement where he insisted it was a “motorised vehicle” telling me to get off and push, I refused maybe not the best choice but I knew I was in the right. He then decided he would stop shouting at me from his car drove over the bridge and parked off the main stream of traffic allowing the backlog to get going, I knew where he would stop so decided to walk the bike over the bridge to join him.
    I then had to plead my case and prove what I had, in previous encounters with the law I had never had any problems two assumed it was a motor scooter until closer inspection the other time was pure curiosity, this time I was not going to be so lucky, there were some things against me a high curb to prevent cars mounting the pavement and I use a motorbike helmet the helmet and licence plate with electric on it i use as a result of my first encounter with the law.
    Once I was face to face with the policeman I tried to explain again my Erider 15 was an electric bike, he was not having it he was convinced it was something more, my next gambit was to show him the Erider website on my phone he also checked on his asking me which model I had ( since I have a signature edition a bit of persuasion was needed)I told him to read the second paragraph on the page about the Erider 15 he still was not convinced. His argument was an electric bike looked like a bike with a battery on it and what I had was clearly a motorised vehicle just on it’s looks alone, I replied with exactly what is classed as an electric bike 15mph, 250w motor and you must pedal to get the motor to work when sold unless the bike had an exemption from the pedal rule as the Erider’s do.
    He finally decided to let me go, he still stated that he was convinced I was in the wrong and what I had was not an electric bike but that may of been to save face in front of me.
    this has taught me a lesson like a motorbike rider or car driver has to show proof of insurance( which I have incidentally from ETA must get paperwork) and drivers licence, it might be an idea to keep some form of certificate to state what we are riding is an electric bike.
    No amount of pleading really convinced him, Eriders web site did possibly tip the balance that and mr not being willing to back down though in some cases backing down would have been a good idea.
    Be nice to hear from anyone else that has had dealings with the law good or bad.

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