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    I’m fitting an alternative display unit to the 18 this involved snaking an enderscope down from the handlebars to the back where the controller is, to help with this process I removed the battery well and seat.
    i had a look in there once removed I’ve seen one thing i was surprised to find a PAS (pedal assist sensor) I’m wondering what it is for?
    You already don’t need to pedal to go and its against the Law to help with the motor to go faster if you are pedaling.
    the 15 has a similar sensor there.
    I went out on the 15 today, the PAS is indeed what I thought IMHO not the best thing to have, if you turn the pedals to drive the bike slowly you will find the motor kick in when you may not be expecting it. With the controller used the PAS sensor takes precedence over the throttle. as soon as I can I will be disconnecting the cable from the controller.


    Can anyone help me. My model18 has died the throttle wont work at all there is power I the bike. I stumped and there doesn’t seem to be any technical manual or help on line and I’ve been told that the place I bought it from they just dont work on a weekend


    Hi Kendrick just going off topic is the model 18 still exempt from road tax,insurance,mot and none registering

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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