electric bikes any good Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

It doesn’t matter how popular electric bikes become, there will always be people out asking the same question over and over again: “Are electric bikes any good?” Whether it’s someone looking to make their commute a little easier or simply a hobbyist, we always give them the same emphatic answer – yes!

Electric bikes are without a doubt the best choice for inner city life. Not only are they surprisingly fast, they’re highly economical and incredibly environmentally friendly. If you’re still in need of a little convincing however, then here are just a few reasons why you need to jump aboard the e-bike revolution.

Electric Bikes: The Lowdown

  •     They’re Faster Than You Realise – When it comes to electric bikes, the same assumption is always made – they’re slow. People assume around five miles an hour however, our bikes range from 15 mph all the way up to 75 mph depending on the model! Considering the vast majority of speed limits in inner cities are around the 20-30 mph mark, it’s a no brainer. Some of our models even give you the power to drive on larger roads requiring faster speeds. Having the ability to drive much faster than most cyclists certainly has its benefits too, especially during the commute to work. Let’s also not forget that gridlocked traffic usually reduces the average speed considerably with cars travelling at around 7.4mph. That makes 15mph sound pretty nippy now, doesn’t it?


  •     They Can Help You Stay Fit – Choose an e-bike with the option for pedalling and you’ll find yourself riding more and becoming fitter, we guarantee it. All of our bikes operate on the throttle alone, however if you feel like pedalling, you can! The motor will kick in to help you but you are still getting the exercise. This is great news for your heart and lungs as well as things like your blood pressure, weight and stress levels. Are electric bikes any good? You bet they are!


  •     They’ll Help You Reach Your Destination –  Have you always wanted to cycle to work but didn’t think you could go the fill distance? With an E-Rider electric bike you can cycle for as long as you feel comfortable. The motor will take you all the way without any unwanted exertion. When you start to feel you need a little assistance, the motor will be there to help you out the rest of the way. No more panicking that you’ll never make it up a hill. No more turning up to meetings sweaty and out of breath. Let the electric motor do its job and get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.


  •     Save Money – You can pick up a decent electric bike for under £1000. That’s a lot cheaper than regular petrol-driven mopeds and in some cases, cheaper than road bicycles! Take into consideration maintenance costs, which for an electric bike are generally very low, and it’s easy to see how you could be saving money. The real money saving aspect comes into play when refuelling. Fully charging your electric bike will literally cost you pennies, which will simply be added onto your electric bill – not that you’ll notice it. Still wondering are electric bikes any good?


  •     They’re Environmentally Friendly – Say goodbye to emissions. With your electric bike you can travel as much as you want. Recharge and travel some more. Not once during that time will you be doing any damage to our environment and it’s all thanks to the total lackelectri of CO2 emissions. Your electric bike is clean. Think of it as you doing your bit for our environment.


  •     They’re Awesome for Commuting – Electric bikes will not only save you cash on your commute to work but they’ll make the commute a million times easier. No more sitting in gridlocked traffic. You’ll now be able to move through the traffic like other bikes. You’ll also get to avoid that feeling of being packed in like sardines when on trains and buses. Even though the bike has a motor, your electric bike is classified as a bicycle which means the cycle lanes are still very much open to you. You’ll also be able to arrive at work without feeling too sweaty thanks to the motor. Worried about the journey home when you cycle? Now, you don’t need to be because even after a tough day in the office, your electric bike will get you home without the need for you to break a sweat.

Electric Bikes Reviews

  •    Bike to Work – Did you know three of our electric bike models, the E Shopper, Model 15 and Rondo are now available on the Bikes To Work scheme? This means you could now get your hands on a high quality electric bike for as little as £600! What’s more, you could also enjoy some accessories to match with tax-free benefits too.


  •  Much Safer than Push Bikes – it might surprise you to learn that electric bikes are actually much safer than bicycles. The majority of accidents on the road happen around junctions like roundabouts and crossroads. The reason being that a cyclist can take a few seconds to build up speed on a regular push bike. With an electric bike however, you have the motor helping you accelerate, getting you across a junction and out of the danger zone much faster.


  •     They Deal with Hills Easily – Sick and tired of tackling hills on your regular commute? Whether it’s aching legs or the fact that you turn up to work a hot mess, electric bikes are fantastic for taking the pressure off and dealing with the hill with ease. Just crank up the motor and sail on, enjoying the wind in your hair as you go.


In answer to the question, “are electric bikes any good”, we’d say it’s a resounding yes! They make life easier, they save you money, they help our environment and at the very base of it all, they’re great fun! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today on 01928 583030, for more information.



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