eshoppper ebikeThe E-Shopper is a hybrid of electric bike and an electric moped is unlike all our other models, in the fact that it has all the amazing features of our electric scooters and mopeds, but looks and feels like a bike to ride!

The pedals and 250 watt electric motor allow you to switch between riding like a normal bike and turning on the power with ease – ideal for steep hills and long journeys! The bike has a range of 55 km off a single charge, which takes as little as four hours, and hits a top speed of 25 km/h, getting you to wherever you need to be both quickly and safely.

With wing mirrors, an LCD display and LED lights, the E-shopper not only feels fantastic to ride, it looks great too. Coming in a choice of black and white models, the E-Shopper allows you to pick a style that suits your preference.

The electric bike is in the same legal class as bicycles, meaning there’s absolutely no need for a license, insurance, tax or a helmet (although we strongly recommend one). As such, the E-shopper can be driven on UK roads by anybody over the age of 14!

We have the exclusive rights to sell the E-Shopper in the UK, so you won’t get it anywhere else! It is available at a fantastic price of only £895 in our big Winter Sale, and that includes delivery. If you can’t wait to get on the roads with your new electric bike, we can ship fully assembled for a small additional fee.

Take a look at the E-Shopper in more detail here, and pick up yours today.


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