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    Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice.

    Had my E-rider Moda for a few months now and have noticed the top speed slowly dropping off. Used to hit 30mph quite comfortably but recently it is topping out at 24 / 25mph.

    Not a huge drop in performance but noticeable and it just gives other motorists yet another excuse to get aggressive in trying to overtake within 30mph zones.

    Also noticed a big drop off in speed on even the slightest of inclines. I do expect a slight reduction in performance on hills but honestly, the tiniest bit of an incline and I can lose up to 10mph off of the top speed.

    Just wondered if I am missing something here or if perhaps my bike needs checked over?

    Quick caveat to that though – I’m loving the bike in general and it is a lot of fun to use in and around town!

    Ken Ferguson


    If you have a look around this forum you will see we have had quite a few “bike not working as well” posts recently and I think most of these relate to the poorer performance of lithium batteries in cold weather. Suggest you persevere until the weather warms up and if you still think there is a problem we will run some tests.


    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the response and understood – hopefully spring is just around the corner and the bike’s performance will pick up then!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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