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    I’ve been speaking to Guardcover over over the last couple of days and they will not cover the Model 18 as it cannot be locked through the frame. They’ve checked this with the underwriters. I mentioned to them that other people had insured through them but they said they’d probably done it online an in the event of a claim the bike wouldn’t be insured and their premium would be returned to them.
    Any other suggestions for insurance companies who cover these type of bikes?


    Ah that’s frustrating, I insured with them and as others had said they cover these bikes I took it out online. I suppose I need to call them and cancel the insurance, no point paying for something that they will not cover.

    I would like to hear from Erider as to which insurance provider will cover these bikes. They state in the T&Cs of the lease agreement that the bike needs to be insured but no one I have spoken to will cover.

    Paul IOM

    It would be worth a chat to your home insurers first, often pedal cycles and leisure equipment can be added to home policies cheaply.


    oops again my bike insurance is Lexham

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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