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    I’ve noticed the charge time for both the model 15 and 18 are stated as 4-6 hours on the adverts.
    The model 15 has a 48v 10ah battery.
    The model 18 has a 48v 24ah battery.
    As a new owner of a model 18, I can say the 4-6 hours charge time is a big underestimate.
    Mine has been charging for 9.5 hours as I type this. I’ll update when it’s done.
    Maybe the adverts need updating. Good job I didn’t need the bike tonight…….


    Well, it’s now 16.75hrs later. I’ve just checked on the charger and now it’s flashing red. Really not sure what’s going on?


    I unplugged and re-plugged in the charger after getting a flashing red light, it then went back to steady red.
    It’s now 20hrs on charge and still a steady red light. So I thought I’d use my mobile phone to auto-translate the info on the battery. I found an interesting piece of info.

    Point 7 translated from Chinese:
    After the battery pack is purchased or when the riding mileage is short, it is necessary to charge the battery pack to 24 hours continuously for 2 to 3 times to make the battery performance at best.

    Interesting info. I’ll follow that advice and see how i go.

    Ken Ferguson


    That does not sound correct. Please send an email detailing the sequence of lights and our technical department and they will pick it up on Monday.


    The specification was from the manufacturer and it makes perfect sense to me that charging a battery that is twice the size of another at the same rate of charge will take twice as long!! We will do some testing but I have updated the website to take account of your feedback.

    I never know how long my battery has taken to charge as I generally charge overnight for use the following day. I suspect that is the pattern most customers will follow so perhaps the longer charging time will not have such a great impact.


    Hi Ken,

    I have a green light now after about 20 hours. The battery sticker info (when translated) says to charge for 24hrs for the first 2 to 3 times to get the best performance out of it. This is the 1st time I’ve charged this battery from empty, apart from delivery when it was showing 3/4 full so charging time was only a few hours before a green LED. I’ll run through what I did;

    12:15pm: Battery removed from bike after ride. The red surround on the battery dash icon was flashing red, so I presume close to empty. It went from 2 bars, to red bar, to flashing red surround in about 2km.

    12.30pm: Battery put on charge.

    11.30pm: Went to bed with led staying steady red.

    05:15am: Checked on battery, red flashing led. So I unplugged and re-plugged in the charger and this went back to steady red.

    08:30am: LED went to steady green. Charger unplugged. (20hrs total charge time)

    Hope this can be of help. I’ll charge the next 2 times for longer periods as recommended by the battery instructions.

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    Ken Ferguson


    Have spoken to the manufacturer regarding charging times and there is another charger available that will charge at 5 amps instead of 2amps. This should bring charge times down to around 5 hours.

    We will order some of these with the next batch of bikes and we will make them available on the Accessories page.


    @N9THX, Just letting you know my model 18 charger exhibits the same charging times and red flashing light and the charging stopping, is there anything you can do to fix this or could the chargers be faulty?


    @liammar I charged mine for the second time a few days ago, again the charger flashed red during the night. I unplugged everything then reconnected and it went solid red again, then in the morning the light was green.
    Not sure if the flashing red light means there’s a problem or if it’s just a stage it goes through during charging? No instructions with the charger.


    I have just bought a model 18 and it takes me about 10 hours for a full charge
    I usually recharge every time I have a long run,hope this is of some use

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