electric moped roma As promised in our previous blog on the Model 18, we’re going to be exploring all of our new electric bikes, mopeds and motorbikes in a bit more detail as the summer rolls on – because we want the E-Rider community to get to know and love our new models just as much as we do!


If like us, you’ve been watching the World Cup and have been missing that bit of flair the Italians would have undoubtedly brought to the tournament, don’t worry. With the new E-Rider Roma electric moped, we can deliver a piece of Italy straight to your door!


With the awesome Latin design, shiny beige finish and top speed of 30 mph, you’ll feel as though you’re cruising the streets of Rome on this electric moped. Add to that the powerful 3000w motor for ultra-fast acceleration and a removable battery giving a range of 80 km, and you get an extra-long and extra enjoyable ride. The battery takes only 6-8 hours to reach a full charge, allowing you to charge the Roma pretty much anywhere so you’ll never run out of juice!


The design includes both front and rear LED lights, regenerative breaking and a reverse gear, and the addition of pillion points allow you to take a passenger with you on your journey! While we haven’t included a back box to keep the bike looking as stylish is possible, there is still excellent storage space under the seat for everything you need to take with you on your commute.


electric moped roma The Roma electric moped requires riders to possess an AM motorbike license or CBT training,  unless a full license issued before 2001 is held. As such, insurance and the use of a helmet is of course compulsory. But on the plus side, road tax is completely free!

While the next batch of E-Rider Roma electric mopeds won’t be available until September this year, you can be the first to get your hands on one when they are by pre-ordering today with a £100 deposit.

And when you do, as with all of our electric bikes, mopeds and scooters, you’ll get a discount of £300 in our Summer Sale!

If you’ve got any questions about the E-Rider Roma or any of our electric bikes, get in touch!  We’ll be delighted to help you out!




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