Model 22 Electric Bike



Here is our brand new bike for next year, the Model 22.

It features a portable 48 volt 24AH CATL lithium battery carrying a three year manufacturers warranty and giving a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge

It has disc brakes front and rear, full LED lights and a USB socket for phone charging

Like all our other electric bikes the Model 22 works through a simple twist-and-go handlebar accelerator which allows the bike to reach around 15mph.

Because, legally, the Model 22 is in the same class as bicycles rather than petrol driven vehicles, if you are over 14 years of age you can legally drive on roads, cycle tracks, bus lanes anywhere you like really.

It is available in a choice of a Pearl White or Neon Blue finish and there is an optional colour coded back box (see below).








The bike will be arriving in the first quarter of 2022, so here’s the deal!!

Place your order below and pay a deposit of £100.

When the Model 22 arrives next year we will supply you with one of these fantastic new machines for just £995.

That is less than half the anticipated retail price and is a limited time offer.

Don’t delay, order next year’s technology today!!!



  • Anyone 14 years or older can ride the E RIDER Model 21 on the road
  • Younger riders may use the Model 21 off road
  • The E RIDER Model 21 is not subject to Vehicle Excise Duty
  • A driving licence is not required to operate the bike
  • The E RIDER Model 21 does not require an MOT
  • Insurance is not legally required
    • The E RIDER Model 21 does not need to be registered with the DVLA
    • It may be used in bus lanes and on cycle paths
    • A helmet is not legally required
    • It is not liable to parking fines or congestion charges
    • The operator of an E RIDER Model 21 is not required to provide a breath or blood sample