The bike, it’s an awesome piece of transport. It takes you from A to B on a light frame and two wheels. Not only is biking great when you want to tighten those purse strings, it’s also brilliant in terms of health. With an increasing number of bike lanes now being introduced, on major roadways too, there’s never been a better time to join the biking community! When it comes to buying a bike however, why buy just any bike when you can buy an electric bike that offers the same benefits, and then some? Let’s take a look at the benefits of electric bikes.

The Benefits Of Electric Bikes


Skip Public Transport – there’s nothing we dread more than the commute on public transport. Everyone leaving to get to work at the same time on buses and trains, sweaty bodies packed together in fine office attire. With an electric bike however, even on a slightly longer than average journey, you can take back control when it comes to your commute and enjoy fresh air, open roads and no unexpected hassle with busy trains and packed buses. No more cramming yourself onto public transport ending up sweatier than even the fastest runners.


Forget The Sweaty Commute – So many people would love to cycle to work but the one thing putting them off is the thought of arriving to work a hot sweaty mess. With an electric bike however, you get to enjoy a commute to the office without breaking a sweat. Less strain, less sweat – even on hot summer days. So forget that change of clothes and deodorant you thought you’d need. Instead, enjoy a commute at your own pace with the help of an electric motor and show up like the boss you know you are.


Say Goodbye To Greasy Trousers – Thanks to electric bikes having an electric motor, you no longer need to worry about bike chains. Say goodbye to those greasy chains that rub on your trousers or tights time and again. Say goodbye to dry cleaning costs as well as the price of replacing your clothes. You can also say goodbye to ever having to replace the chain as it rusts!


Exercise With Ease – The bike is an ideal way to get in extra exercise into your everyday life. No more setting time aside to visit the gym. With the electric motor, you can now keep pedalling with less effort and in turn, enjoy cycling for longer distances. The latest stats show that just one hour of cycling on an electric bike could burn around 300 calories. It’s the perfect addition to a healthier lifestyle.


Electric Bikes Will Save You Money


Save Money – Health aside, saving money is perhaps one of the biggest perks when it comes to using electric bikse. It’s so easy to forget the numerous hidden costs that come with owning and driving a car. From tax to insurance, maintenance, repairs and of course, the endless amount of fuel we find ourselves pumping into them. Add in a few inevitable parking tickets and the costs seem uncontrollable. With an e-bike, the only added cost involved is the few pennies here and there it takes to charge the battery.


Help Our Planet – By using an electric bike, you’re immediately cutting the emissions you’d otherwise be creating by using buses or your car. People who bike those miles to work instead of driving can reduce their own household emissions by around 6%. That’s a huge amount over the course of a year, and better still, over the course of your career.


Then there’s the fact that fewer metals and materials are needed to produce an electric bike than the average car.  It’s easy to see just how little an electric bike impacts our environment, especially when compared to cars, trucks and buses. You also help in reducing congestion, which in turn reduces emissions further. In terms of our planet, it’s a win win.


Save Space – Instead of cluttering your front drive, or worse still, your narrow street with your car, an electric bike takes up minimal room. For some, it’s even possible to keep it inside the house. Then there’s the lack of parking when you actually get to work. Whether you need to fight for a space or find the money to cover those hefty parking costs, an electric bike will lock to any regular bike stand. No more endless searching for a space and no more expense!


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