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    Model 40 Review
    Well i have had my model 40 for a few weeks now and all i can say is wow this bike is just awesome . Its super fast and also scary quiet trust me all you can hear is the rubber on the road that’s how quiet it is and that means just a little more attention needed for those mobile phone crosser’s and anyone else for that matter because they really wont hear you coming .
    As for its performance its fast and the constant as well as instant acceleration is just great .I can honestly say that every time i ride it i have a smile on my face.Its also not afraid of any hill and i have found myself having to slow down on the way up a hill or two .That brings me to the breaks …..regenerative breaks that give you back some power every time you use them very nice indeed .It handles well on the road and it always attracts some attention wherever you go with it from smiles to looks of surprise ,i even had one guy come up to me in Morrison’s and say he thought fr a moment he had gone deaf when i passed him in the parking lot.
    The bike is very well put together and is not as heavy as it looks making it easy to manoeuvre the seat is comfortable as well as the footrests,the shocks are great and can handle those unavoidable holes that pop up along side all the other pot holes our roads seem to have . I would say if you are looking for a nice quiet comfortable and fast motorcycle then this is the one because its sure to put a smile on your face as well every time .I have some video of some of my rides although i’m still busy editing it i should have it finished soon as in a few days to a week and ill post a link to it on this forum .


    A link to Dropbox and a picture of my blue model 40 -seeing as its 9.5 mb so to big for upload to forum .



    I thought I wpuld take the opportunity to give an honest review of e-rider and the Moda 30 I purchased almost two years ago.
    Purchase experience:
    This was very straightforward and delivery to scotland was very fast.
    Registration isnstructions were clear and that process was completed in about a week.
    In Use:
    The bike was just what we wanted for getting around our wee local town and the surrounding area. Range is good enough but the bike generally does not perform as well in cold weather. This is not a fault – it is a fact of life for battery powered devices. The bike still has a range good enough for our purposes in winter. We both love the bike and it has drawn lots of admiring glances locally.
    The main issue for me is the lack of technical backup. There are no dealer in this area who will take on any repairs. There is no detailed manual, and most importantly no wiring diagram. I have had the following issues:
    1) The charging socket below the seat fell apart after a few weeks. There were signs of corrosion, which clearly happened during shipping and storage per-sale. After some communication with e-rider, I sourced an identical socket and replaced it.
    2) A problem charging the battery was eventually resolved with a personal visit from Ken, who replaced both battery and charger. All is now well with this.
    3) A fault developed in the speedo display – the speed readings fluctuated randomly. This seems to have been a known fault as e-rider sent be a replacement display. Unable to find anyone to fit it I had to attempt this myself. Eventually I was sent some instructions on dismantling the required part of the bodywork and though this proved fiddly I managed to do it. The new display does not show the odometer function so there is no way of knowing the total mileage. also it says ‘miles’ but still reads in km per hour.
    4) A fault developed in the front mudguard – it developed a noisy rattle and came a bit loose. I contacted e-rider and was given vague instructions about accessing it. Further enquiry elicited no further detail on removing the front body panels to access the mudguard mountings. I turned the whole bike upside down and found the mudguard cracked around the mountings. The only way i could think to repair it without access from above was to drill a couple of small holes either side of the crack and zip-tie it together. This seems to have worked for now. If anyone out there can help me with details on how to remove the body panels I would be most grateful – just taking the visible screws out doesn’t seem to do anything.
    5) The steering occasionally goes a bit stiff. Again I need access under the body panels to access this. Is there a steering damper fitted at all? Again a manual would help!
    6) Corrosion: The paint on teh lower forks started peeling off before a year was up and it now looks a bit scruffy as corrosion sets in. Not such a good quality paint job!
    Would I have another one?
    We both love the Moda, but the lack of a dealer network or even a technical manual is a serious drawback.

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)

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