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    what is the average range people are getting out of the model 18, im 11 stone and i’m getting 5-6 miles on battery alone and 10-13 miles with pedal assist, that seems super low out of the estimated up to 45 miles to me.

    i suspect i have a bad battery does anyone know any way to test that?


    I have had two model 18 and yes usually I get about 40 miles,but generally I do about 15 – 20 with quite a lot in the tank
    So I think there is a problem with your battery try taking it out and charging it indoors it should take anything up to 12 hours for a full charge up
    Hope this is some help yours Steven


    May I ask what mode your model 18 is set to? Mine defaults to mode 3 and I get no benefit from pedal assist. As far as I am aware the mode is preset and cannot be changed. I would prefer if my model 18 did react to my pedalling. I know there is a sensor mounted on the crank but appears to do nothing. I bought my model 18 i September and am getting a range of around fifteen miles. I weigh 90kg and use the bike in central London. Appreciate any tips/information.


    I did not know the were any modes on the 18 , mine does about 15 mph on the throttle , the if I peddle I get about 24 mph
    I seem to get about 40 miles on a full charge , but I usually I do about 12 miles then home again
    Hope this is of some help
    One thing there is a clip near the battery that I think prevents you doing more than 15 mph on the throttle if you disabled this
    It may help your problem
    Sorry I can’t be more help


    Hi Steven
    Thanks for your response.
    My Model 18 defaults to mode 3 which shows on the display. I hoped I could change my bike to whatever setup you have on yours and again hoped that might be linked to the mode settings. I mentioned earlier that the mode is preset from the factory in fact our glorious leader Ken Ferguson san shared that knowledge with me. With the restriction wire in the battery compartment connected or not, peddling has no effect. The Model 18 I tried definitely reacted to peddling but at the time I decided to take an unboxed bike as the tester had some heavy scratches on panels and front mudguard.

    I’m hoping there is some way of configuring the bike to achieve your setup.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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