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    Whenever I’m not pedalling there is a short grinding noise just once per wheel revolution.
    It is a lot quieter (but still there) when pedal assisting the motor. It seems to have been since this last couple of weeks riding in the bad rain. My chain very suddenly got very rusty and I’ve put GT85 on it and on the rear hub – it looks a lot better but the noise is alarming when not pedalling. Any suggestions what to do please? I’ve only done just over 250km on the bike in total


    Hi Sherlock the same noise as yourself on your bike have you sold the noise if so can you tell me how you got rid of it or fixed it as mine is a bit alarming as well I thought it might have been one of the bolts been slack but it wasn’t so any help me I’ve got to be grateful


    Sounds like you need a new freewheel.
    You’ll need to count the teeth on the freewheel and get one with the same number of teeth.
    If you can get the wheel off the bike a bike shop should be able to sort you out getting the wheel out will be the hard part.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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