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    Paul IOM

    Cooler air is more dense Ken, so joking aside it probably does have an effect on golf balls too.

    There is definately a decrease in battery performance in cold weather, affecting all batteries, but more so with lead-acid.


    I have found this on eBay.
    Wonder if it would be useful for measuring actual current draw on hills.

    eBay link

    Shame is does not do logging. Could not see one yo link to the phone.


    Hi guys. I have got an erider 30 city which is great! I bought it for a 34 mile round trip commute.

    When I first got it out the box it said you should charge it for 24 hours. However it already had charge and so would not charge.

    I got the 16.3 miles to work with the RED fast button on. I weigh 65 kg and have 10 kg of gear and security on the bike. I charged and got back fine.

    Today I tested there and back. Got there fine, but lost charge after 11.7 miles on way back, in total just 28 miles. In reality it has more than enough to get to work – 16.3, but to guarantee getting back i need a spare charger to keep at work. Can you supply one Ken?

    I think the button selecting power green, amber, red affects use. But it still was a bit disappointing.


    Paul IOM

    When I get chance i’m planning to do some distance runs on low power and high power to see what figures I get, so I’ll post up the results.

    Ken Ferguson

    Hi Malcsterling

    We have spare chargers for the City. Please send us an email and we will get it out to you.




    Hi Paul,

    I have tried the City can confirm I managed to get 21.5 miles out of it over pretty hilly terrain (see image) – unfortunately, it still leaves me 0.5 miles short of getting home on the run to the train station I need to use so it is going back as I don’t really want to keep pushing it up the last hill. Overall a very nice bike, a bit lighter, and better lights, though the lower light is still a filament bulb, not LED, which probably draws more power than the full beam. The average speed for this was just under 20mph.

    On our e30 – Here is a link to a video I managed to get of the speedo next to a GPS speedo – they are both in KM and as you can see the e30 speedo is very much out of sync – Ken has agreed to have the bike back to take a look into why. It does also mean that the bike has clocked up 1.36 times the number of KM’s that it has actually done… 🙂

    Be interested to hear how you have got on with yours, seems like I push it the furthest on the forum.

    Paul IOM

    Hi Dominic, I must admit that due to the time of year I’ve so far only done a few short trips on mine, mostly around 7 or 8 miles, as it’s been just too damn cold and I have a nice warm car sitting in the garage, also I need to use the car for work due to the amount of stuff I need to carry around most of the time, so the scooter is mainly a weekend runabout for getting into town etc, but once the weather gets better I’ll be putting it through its paces properly with some weekend ride outs.

    My speedo is definitely a long way out like yours, but one thing that is puzzling me, does your city have an odometer? because strangely mine doesn’t! it appears to have exactly the same speedo layout as the old Model 30, but there is no odometer, the speedo is designed as just a speedo and battery meter face with no slot for an odometer, at first I didn’t even notice it was missing until I looked to check the distance travelled on my second ride and realised it wasn’t there!!


    Hi Paul,
    The video is from our original E30, the city did not have the odometer.
    Unfortunately, as the City did not do to the railway station and back I have returned it and Tim is currently looking at our original E30 to see if they can fix the speedo and light (dimmed is not useable) Hope to have it back again soon as miss popping to the shops on it!
    I have found a hotel next to the railway station so hopefully, I will be able to make it there on the original E30 then leave it charging during the day and have another 14 miles to get home. It is 11.5 hilly mile each way.
    Looking forward to hearing about how you get on.

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