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    Couldn’t sleep this morning so got up and went for a ride before 5am. Usually I just twist the throttle and go but today I decided I would use pedal power. On throttle alone I can usually get about a speed of 18-21 km/h on the flat however I found that pedalling gets the bike going even faster.

    As it was quiet on the road given the early hour I decided to try one of the steep hills in our area. The bike had a battery showing 3 bars out of 4 so I thought I’d risk it. Well, I needn’t have worried. On throttle power alone the bike slowed considerably however using the pedals got me up that hill rather easily – I’d never have made it on a regular bicycle.

    The battery indicator while going up flashed one bar but once we were over the steepest bit of the hill the bike picked up and the battery showed almost full again. I have to say, I have never enjoyed going uphill on a bike as much as I enjoyed it on the Model 15. In fact, I’ve never enjoyed going uphill on a regular bicycle. With the Model 15 I didn’t have to stop to catch my breath halfway up nor did I have to get off and push the bike the rest of the way. I did pedal furiously however and that got me up and over the hill in next to no time.

    Home now and time for breakfast. Am looking forward to my next trip out.

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