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    Alissa michael

    Anyone know anything on the erider 15 rear brake drum. For one as much as I clean it the rust comes back stupidly quick and whilst trying to clean and tighten rear brake as it wasn’t responding effectively the bolt the comes out of the brake drum and you attach the brake cable leavers has gone slightly I to the drum and we can’t get it back out. It’s not far enough out of drum to attach the metal lever and nut


    Hi were can l get the little bulbs for the indicators and how do you fit them.

    Paul IOM

    If you take a bulb out and nip to your nearest motorcycle dealer they should be able to find a match for you.

    I think there are two screws on the lense to undo from memory

    Noel Hargrave

    Hi Ken I have a Model 30 Moda which on the whole has been great, getting on for a year old now, I use it to commute around London. It does sometimes struggle a bit with inclines, and also struggles to get above 24 or 25mph. Is there anyway I can get a few more MPH out of it? Range wise I would say its good for 25 miles at the moment, the power seems to be fading further with the decline in temperature as per other posts.


    Hi Brett I had a problem with a loose chain when I got my 18 I went to a mechanic who tightened it up quite a lot
    It works fine now but you can here it when it goes over a bar near the chain , but not a problem when your going
    Done over 2500 klm love it


    hi can you tell me please how to take the restrictor wore of on a erider modal 15 and where is it situated on the bike thanks


    Hi in my younger days I rode a Lambretta 150 or a LI.150 as they were known and boy were we king of the road and on our weekly Sunday get together off we would go Hundreds of us until the police stopped us and split us in to smaller groups which never stayed small for long lol any way I must get on with my question which is , I have just bought the beautiful model 18 cycle scooter which has taken me back to my Mod days and I am totally amazed as when the motor kicks in its time to hold tight and believe you me I mean hold tight but what I cant understand is the peddles cant keep up with the motor or actually assist in any way ,not that I am complaining but is this normal? but brilliant E Rider ,best wishes Brian


    I have the E-rider model 15 and I turned it on and all worked as expected but when I turned on the indicators only the back ones blinked for a split second and then turned off again, and now the indicators don’t work nor front or left, any ideas what it could be please,


    hi have you checked isolater switch under the seat has it tripped or the other thing is you might need a new battery as this happened to my brothers modal 15 and now it all works again fine after putting a new battery on it thanks


    Good morning ken. can you tell all who own a erider model 18 on where we can buy front and rear brake pads from. my rear pads are down to the metal and i need to find where to buy. and also how much they cost for each set.

    thanks ken hope to hear from you very soon


    hi i have just received my model 20 but cant find the battery nor open the seat up please help


    found it lol



    Ken, Paul, anyone able to point me in the direction of a replacement headlight for the model 15??



    A few questions:

    My Model 15 usually goes up to 23kmh on the throttle and faster if you pedal. BUT – sometimes it goes to 38kmh on the throttle and sometimes it goes to 38kmh and STAYS THERE even if you release the throttle so you need to brake to slow. Fine for me (I ride a FireBlade) but not so good for our 14yr old.

    The headlight is only partially on – only 3 of the 7 elements light up. Any solution?

    Where can I get a new chain and sprocket kit? Or at least the specs so I can source one.


    It seems the Forum isn’t moderated as it used to be 5 years ago. A second call to the company, a week after the first, has resulted in my being able to purchase a new headlamp unit.
    Anyone needing parts or advice may well be better served contacting e rider via phone, using the number on their website.
    I spoke to them and within a couple days of paying the invoice, the part I needed for my Model 15 was delivered.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 92 total)
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